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Japanese Looped Knot Pony by Giannandrea

When it comes to styling our hair, we hate to admit that we’re not always privy to a long and detailed primping session. Sometimes we want to deflect attention from our always gorgeous mane and let our clothes do the talking. And at Nicholas K’s NYFW ss16 show, key hairstylist Giannandrea Marongiu did just that.

Japanese Looped Knot Pony by Giannandrea

Giannandrea shared with us a little bit about how he created the look for the show….“I wanted to create a new, fresh look for the hair to harmonize with the urban traveler lifestyle that was showcased in the Nicholas K collection.”

“Pulling inspiration from ancient Japanese top knots, this modernized ‘Back Knot’ style was the perfect accompaniment for the theme of the show. We kept the hair in the back of the head to keep the emphasis on the clothes while the hair added to the overall look and feel of the production.”

Japanese Looped Knot Pony by Giannandrea

We love the surprise attention to detail at the base of this looped pony, which makes it looks like you actually do care about your hair. And besides, the lazy bun you’ve been sporting all winter is so tired. Give a glimpse of the unexpected with this low key knotted pony with dramatic added length.

Japanese Looped Knot Pony by Giannandrea

What do you think of the unexpected back knot pony? Is this something you would sport for fall?

Sound off in the comments!


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