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Every Sleeping Accessory You Need for the Ultimate Beauty Sleep

We’ve come a long way from simple barrettes and ribbons in our hair. Mane accessories used to be afterthoughts, but as brands continue to push boundaries, more creative lines are being produced. Collections that we never thought possible are making their way into our Instagrams and our hearts. Perfect examples of that evolution are nighttime hair accessories meant to be slept in.

Sleeping Beauty had it down right. Who needs to look great during the day when nighttime accessories have evolved so much?

(via Kitsch)

Cassandra Thurswell, CEO of Kitsch, is leading the charge when it comes to this nighttime hair accessories trend. “Sleep accessories have been around for a long time, but the intention of creating these items was to evolve what’s currently in the market by making a fashionable, high-quality version that was animal-friendly at an attainable price point,” she says. Take her Satin Sleep Cap in blush ($14), the accessory is so on-trend you could practically wear it out.

(via Kitsch)

Cassandra believes nightime hair accessories are just as important as your skincare regimen. “Just like your expensive night cream is working hard while you sleep, satin hair accessories can do the same for your hair,” she says. Considering you are spending a minimum of eight hours a day on your pillow, it’s important to create an environment that supports hair health. “Your hair is tagging along with every toss and turn being pushed and pulled against your pillowcase giving you that unruly bedhead when you wake up,” Kitsch’s CEO explains. “Satin hair accessories and pillowcases help to prevent the unwanted friction, tangles, and frizz and hold your hair in place while you sleep. We spend countless hours and money on masks, conditioners, brushes, and haircuts, but a lot of damage can be prevented while you sleep. It’s worth the small investment,” she concludes.

Kitsch’s Satin Sleep Set in leopard ($36) pictured above is the perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to start treating their hair right at night. If animal prints aren’t your thing, they offer the same set in a beautiful blush color.

(via Kitsch)

Kitsch’s Satin Sleep Bonnet in black ($24) is another one of those products you could easily pair with a chic outfit for a night out on the town. Kitsch’s nighttime hair accessories are made of satin. “After seeing how women use the product: pulling, twisting, stretching, and pinning, we developed the satin collection as it was far more durable, functioned just like silk, and was so much easier to care for,” Cassandra says. Another added bonus of satin? The price. You can easily score multiple accessories without breaking the bank.

(via Kitsch)

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