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Nikki Lee’s 6 Tips For Managing Life as a New Mom

Nikki Lee, 901 Salon Co-owner/Founder, would like us to know that, yes, we really can have it all. The esteemed stylist (Paris Jackson, Emma Roberts and Selena Gomez are among her faithful clientele) gave birth to baby Parker this past April but it hasn’t slowed her down one bit—she’s officially back to business and serving up major lifespo. Nikki took time out of her busy schedule to share how she does it, and her ultimate tips for being a boss lady stylist as a new mom.

1. Give 100%

“I truly feel like you can have it all!” says Nikki. “Being a mom, wife, and a boss are all roles I’ve taken on and love. It’s not easy, but it certainly can be done. The best advice I was given as a new mom was give a 100% while you’re at home and 100% while you’re at work.”

2. Keep it separate

Although you should definitely give your all, that doesn’t mean meshing everything together. “Don’t try to mix the two because you’ll end up feeling like you’ve failed at one,” adds Nikki.

3. It takes a team

“My biggest challenge going back to work after having my baby was who do I trust to leave her with,” says Nikki on this issue that all working moms face. “Once you find that person, you’ll feel a bit more at ease. For my husband and I, it’s my husband’s mother,” she shares.

4. Stay stylish

Even though you may feel pulled in many directions, spending time on yourself will make you feel better prepared to face everything. After all, as a stylist, Nikki knows that looking good translates to feeling good. “It was important to me that I didn’t become a ‘mom’ going back to work—and by ‘mom’ I mean let myself go and not make time for my hair, makeup and outfits. I actually feel like I put more energy into those routines, and it makes me feel really good!”

5. Don’t be afraid to go back to work

“Going back to work, for me, allows me to be a better mom and boss. I take my time in the salon seriously and enjoy my baby while at home!”

6. Make time for personal projects

Having a baby and a career doesn’t mean you have to let any personal projects you’re working on slip to the wayside. “Riawna, our friend Matt Coulter, and I just launched the BeYOUtiful Foundation,” explains Nikki. “It’s a foundation designed to support women battling cancer and cancer survivors. With the foundation, I feel like I’ve found my ultimate happiness (in addition to Parker). I get to do what I love and give back at the same time. I’m excited to see the BeYOUtiful community grow, and sprinkle happiness and hope to those who need it the most!”

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