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HOW-TO: 4 No-Heat Stretch Styles For Natural Hair

Bantu Knots

Hair shrinkage poses quite the dilemma for our ‘dos. For one, true hair length is significantly reduced, making it hard to rock big, voluminous styles, and worse—attempting to detangle is a pesky slash unpleasant process. While it’s popular to blow-dry your roots to achieve natural stretch, there are other ways to defy shrinkage that don’t require heat. Here, four gentle methods for stretching your strands, no heat necessary.


For a faux blow-out effect, section your hair into 4-8 mini ponytails. Tightly secure each section with a ponytail holder and continue to wrap more ponytail holders down the shaft, leaving a little bit of space between each band. Leave the style in for a few hours or overnight for a soft and stretched-out look.


Rihanna Bantu Knots

Here’s one we love for a casual kickback or night out on the town. Bantu knots aren’t just a funky cool hairdo, they can also take the form of beautiful, elongated curls. Create a one or two-strand twist with a small section of hair, then wrap it into a tiny bun. Untwist knots a day or two later for spiral, stretched-out curls.


Flat Twists

Another set style you can wear anytime is the flat-twist. If you’re looking for stretch, but want to maintain kink, flat-twist is the way to go. Part your hair into long, thin, vertical sections. Starting from the root of the top of the section, create a flat, two-strand twist gathering the hair down the section as you go along.


pineapple natural hair

For an effortless stretch, tie your curls into a tight pineapple ponytail. This updo stretches your roots, making way for a full-length hairdo the next day.

How do you stretch your hair? Tell us in the comments below!

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