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The Perfect Prom Hairstyles for the Not So Average Girl

Proms, recitals and graduations make this time of year a hectic whirlwind. No need to fret over how you will master the task of the perfect prom mane. We’ve rounded up some of the most awe-worthy ‘dos just in time for your perfect night out!



We haven’t forgotten about this Carolina Herrera runway style from last September. It’s an ordinary bun with a twist, perfect for the prom going fashionista. For an extra sharp finish we suggest using Moroccanoil Styling Gel before you hit the hair with your flat iron.



If you are looking for a gentler and more ethereal vibe, the waterfall braid is the ultimate pick. Soft and romantic, it’s hard to go wrong with braids and waves. Be creative with it and play with the angles of the braid for an edgy twist.

Styling tip: Use micro bobby pins along the length of your braid to secure your style in place.



Ideal for someone who wants the best of both worlds: spunk on one side and sexy on the other. From Khloe Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, Carmen Elektra, Kristen Stewart and Shakira, this look has become a red carpet staple.

Get the most out of this style by making sure the side you wear down has LOTS of volume.

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