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Have You Taken a Hair Growth Test?

If you’re taking what feels like endless vitamins and (more or less) eating right but your hair still isn’t growing, the answer to why may live in the hair itself. For people who take Nutrafol but don’t see any result, the brand offers a hair analysis test, which it sends to the lab to find out what’s going on under the follicle.

Nutrafol’s hair analysis involves collecting a sample of hair close to the scalp and filling out a form. They handle the rest, sending the sample to the lab and then calling you to explain the results.

“We’re testing for over 60 minerals and other heavy metals that can affect your hair,” explains Melissa Anzelone, Director of Clinical Education and Corporate Wellness and Naturopathic Doctor for Nutrafol. “We take the sample of hair and our medical team goes over what everything is and how it can affect your hair,” she continues.

How Nutrafol’s Hair Analysis Works

The test breaks down your hair sample through an ICP mass spectrometer and sorts it into microscopic pieces in order to properly categorize it. It’s important to note that the analysis is exclusively for your hair and doesn’t necessarily translate to what’s happening in your body. For instance, a high calcium read in the hair may indicate low levels of calcium in your body. Staff experts will explain whether you have an excess or a deficiency of a certain vitamin, and what that means for your hair growth.

Once the results for the hair test are in, the team analyses the patterns present in the hair and categorizes them into five main areas of focus, which include toxicity, digestive absorption, stress, hormone processing, and sugar processing, all of which play into overall wellness. 

“We give them this test because it will show what’s getting in the way,” continues Melissa. For instance, “if your stress levels are through the roof, we have to work to remove whatever is causing that so Nutrafol can do its thing. Sometimes people need lifestyle recommendations or maybe they may need different vitamins,” she continues.

The test is fairly straightforward and indicates a low, high, or medium range, with a clear indication of where you fall.

Sample Analysis

To get a better sense of the test, Melissa talks us through hers. The first section is Toxic and Non-Nutritional, where low toxicity is indicated. This means she eats clean. “High Barium is an indicator of poor digestive absorption, rather than toxicity,” says Melissa.

(Photo courtesy of Nutrafol)

The second section (where all of the red is) indicates digestive issues. “This fits my background as I’ve always tended toward IBS-like symptoms having a lot of gas and bloating. Here I have supplemented with a Digestive Enzyme and Hairbiotic to support digestive health and improve the absorption of the nutrients that build my hair (protein is digested by our digestive enzymes) and support a healthy hair growth cycle,” she explains.

(Photo courtesy of Nutrafol)

In the third section, electrolytes are mainly analyzed. “Electrolytes are different in the hair than in the blood,” comments Melissa, noting that here they signify stress levels and hers are actually pretty low.

(Photo courtesy of Nutrafol)

The next areas of interest are the elevated levels of boron and low levels of zinc. This means Melissa’s liver needs help processing hormones better. “This also makes sense as I have high estrogen symptoms like tender breasts and heavy cycles/bad PMS. Nutrafol’s Liver Support can help here,” she says.

The last takeaway from the test is the Ca:Mg ratio in the bottom right corner, which is an indicator that her body needs help processing sugar. “This makes sense as well, as I get lightheaded/hangry if I don’t eat. Nutrafol’s Sugar Balance can assist,” she adds.

We’ve always wondered if a vitamin or serum is more effective for hair growth. So, we asked the experts and THIS is what they had to say!

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