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WHAT TO BUY: The NYE Survival Kit

Hair disasters happen to the best of us, but on New Years Eve our locks better have a force field around them. NYE is our first impression for the New Year, and nobody wants to ring in 2016 with a messed up mane. Our Mane Addicts approved survival kit will fit in your sequined purse for the night to keep your style on point, even after midnight.



Mini Elnett

We know you hair spray your style about a thousand times before you leave the house, but you can never go out without a backup. We love the mini L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin hairspray; a lightweight spray with a strong hold that is sure to keep any NYE style in place all night. The travel size is perfect for the perfect fit in your night-out bag! 



R+Co Foil

Static happens, especially after your hair has been bundled up in a scarf and coat. R+Co Foil is the perfect purse sized anti-static and frizz spray. Use on damp hair for a frizz free style and carry it with you to defend that pesky static and tame flyaways!



Mini Oribe Dry Texture Spray

Do your locks like to fall flat after about 30 minutes of styling it? We’ve got the solution to keep your volume going strong, even after the clock strike 12. The Oribe Dry Texturizing spray has patented polymers that absorb oil at the roots to avoid oil weighing your hair down. This dry hair spray adds texture, builds volume, and is even in a purse friendly size!



gold toothbrush

Those pesky baby hairs can have a mind of their own, but they can be tamed with a simple toothbrush! Any toothbrush will do, but you can be extra festive by throwing this gold brush in your bag! Simply spray the bristles with some hair spray and brush over those *ahem “problem hairs”.



Scunci Hair Accessories

If you’re rocking an updo for the New Year, you don’t want to be caught with even a strand of hair out of place.  Always have some backup pins and ties just in case disaster strikes. Our favorite are these Scunci no damage hair elastics and NYE rhinestone bobby pins!

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