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5 Reasons to Go All-Out With Your NYE Hair (Even Amid a Pandemic)

In case you slept through 2020 (and lucky you, if so!), the year was cancelled. And while we thought by now we’d surely be slipping on our dancing shoes and frolicking through town, COVID-19 is, in fact, more prevalent than ever. But even without traditional New Year’s Eve festivities (or traditional anything, for that matter), there’s nothing wrong with looking good during a pandemic.

In fact, we think this year more than ever, you should really do it up—especially when it comes to your mane. So what if you’re only getting dolled up for the mirror and your dog! Keep reading for five reasons to go all out with your NYE hair (even amid a pandemic).

1. It Counters Your Need to Put Effort Into the Rest of Your Look

If NYE plays out the way your long string of Zoom calls did this year, you only need to prep from the top, up. Ditch the sexy ensemble and make your hair the star of the show. A little makeup never hurt anyone, but we promise, more than anything, one final hair hurrah will take you far.

2. Pandemic or Not, You Still Need That Fire Insta Photo

We can bet on it that your coronavirus camera roll is chockfull of selfies. If you had the energy to capture solo upon solo of you looking cute in sweats, why don’t you make your next selfie count? Hit up YouTube, find an attainable hair tutorial and prove that looking good during a pandemic is totally possible. Not only will you impress your followers with your skills, but looking good means feeling good. Take those clips and hair accessories you brushed to the side this year and put them to use. NYE is always an excuse to be extra extra, and this year is no exception!

3. With Everything You’ve Been Through in 2020, You Deserve an End-of-Year Hair Moment

Welp, you survived 2020—now prove it. If you sit back and let the ball drop under your nose, you’re passing up an empowering opportunity to show everyone that you’ve triumphed during times of distress. Show 2020 who’s boss. Give yourself the stylish hair look you deserve. Pair your sleek ‘do with a bottle of Dom and you’re good to go!

4. You’ll Have Plenty of Time to Devote Solely to Your Strands

Day off? Check! Nowhere to be? Check! No outfit to squeeze into last minute? Check! The excuses are slim when it comes to ditching a dope ‘do on NYE. You have hours to get a look going (and even mess-up a few times in the process). We get that some days are too haphazard and compact, but this isn’t one of them.

5. It Sets the Tone for a Positive Year Ahead

If you’re able to master looking good during a pandemic, this will speak volumes for your future when life gets back to “normal.” Whether 2020 was your year from hell, or you plowed through it effortlessly with grace, it never hurts to kick off something new, looking A+. Hair is your best accessory, and perhaps you didn’t have many opportunities to show it off this year. Go into 2021 with a bang by giving your tresses the royal treatment they deserve.

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