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Here’s How to Make Your NYE Hair Last Into 2018

How to Make NYE hair last
(via Twenty20)

The night of New Year’s Eve can start pretty early if you account for the getting ready time, and your hairstyle has to last through it all. 3PM to 3AM might be pushing your style expiration, but with these tips you’re sure to make it to the after party.


A blowout is a foolproof way to get your look to last all night.  When you create curls using a blow dryer on damp hair, it creates memory for the hair so that it retains its shape.  This also allows you to wash your locks using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner for added height to your look!

Our tips for perfecting a long lasting blowout can be found right here


If you’re working with hot tools for long lasting curls, you can create that same hair memory by pinning your hair. Using a fine hairspray before and after you curl, pin up every section of curled hair in the same direction that your iron faced. This will allow your curls to cool and set for an after midnight lasting style!


When teasing doesn’t get the volume that your style needs, we’ve got the trick for you! Using a crimping iron at the root, underneath the top section of hair gives it that va-va-voom volume that blows teasing out of the water!


You’re probably not going for a super tight, ringlet curl for your show stopping style. Maybe you are, but either way it’s best to start your curls as tight as possible. Your hair will naturally fall throughout the night, and if you start off with a loose natural curl, there’s a good chance it will be flat as a board when midnight rolls around.


Whether you’re working on second day hair, or you just have an oily scalp, that oil can seriously weigh down your style. Try an oil absorbing dry shampoo like the Living Proof Perfect hair day (PhD) Dry Shampoo to get rid of any heavy oils and add texture to your mane!

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