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Jon Reyman, owner of Spoke and Weal Salons in Los Angeles and San Francisco, leads hair for up to 30 shows every fashion week in New York, and we can see why.

As the former Artistic Director of Aveda’s Advanced Academy in New York, Jon is a seasoned hair director and collaborative partner to some of the most relevant and influential designers in the industry.

We got a behind the scenes glimpse at the B. Michael show, where Reyman’s coiffed a classic french twist to compliment the designers tailored dresses and unique patterns.

To recreate the look at home:

1. Smooth hair out with a blowdryer and boar/nylon mixture brush.

2. Take a horseshoe section around the top of the head and clip out of the way.

3. Back comb back and sides.

4. Smooth hair over the backcombing.

5. Pull hair to one side and pin bobby pin in a criss crossing x-shaped pattern from the nape of the neck all the way up to the crown.

6. Use Aveda Control Force Hairspray to set, then wrap the other side, twisting the hair and pinning inside the twist.

7. Back comb top, brush back and create a spiral shape, securing at the top of the twist in the back. Mist with hairspray to secure.

Be sure to visit Reyman’s site, www.jonreymanpro.com for more online hair education, and to follow him on Instagram

@jonreymanpro @jonreymanhair @spokeandweal.

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