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7 NYFW Spring 2022 Hair Trends We’re Already Wearing

Oh NYFW, how we missed you.

Our favorite fashion week has long been a major source of mane inspiration for the masses. And this year, each and every designer brought something especially unique to the scene for NYFW Spring 2022. Accessories reigned supreme at this year’s event, from pop-esque baseball caps at Coach to knitted headwear at Anna Sui. Retro braids, massive volume, slicked back strands – we covered every runway-ready trend from NYFW Spring 2022 below.

We’re taking these seven NYFW Spring 2022 hair trends straight into fall.

1. Chunky Barrettes

Barrettes are having a bit of a moment – and NYFW took note. These glitzy accessories took center stage at Tom Ford last week and are easy to incorporate into your everyday look, even if you’re daily routine still involves back to back Zoom meetings.

Via Getty

2. Printed Scarves

You know we love a scarf moment, and Spring 2022 delivered. Every year, Staud takes prints to the next level. These gorgeous printed silk hair scarves from Sunday’s runway show are seriously on trend.

Via Getty

3. 90s Accents

It’s safe to say that the 90s is no longer a trend, it’s a mainstay. Braided tendrils are still in, folks. We’re loving this long-lasting 90s resurgence, and so is Altuzarra. Celebrities are already loving these baby braids too.

Via Getty

4. Wispy Bangs

Effortless fringe has been taking center stage as of late, from curtain bangs to french-inspired front fringe. Sienna Li gave us an even more low key take on the trend with these ultra-wispy, ever-so-slight face-framing pieces.

Via Getty

5. Crochet Headwear

Ok, so crochet is having a moment in the beauty world. From gorgeous floral caps, like those on the Anna Sui runway last week, to simple bucket hats, we’re predicting an uptick in all things knit this season.

Via Getty

6. Baseball Caps

If it’s cool enough for Coach, it’s cool enough for the rest of us. Printed baseball caps stole the show at the iconic brand’s event last week. We’ll never say no to a style that allows us to push off shampooing another day.

Via Getty

7. Va-Va-Volume

Volume was the name of the game at Batsheva’s stunning show. These kick-flipped 60s inspired wigs are on our minds 24/7.

The retro inspo just doesn’t stop. HERE are the 90s looks we’re loving for fall.

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