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Braids Galore at New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

It seems our eyes weren’t the only ones to spot an array of braids on the catwalk. Hair Romance collected some of the most swoon worthy braid looks from NYFW SS15, and we are itching to share.  Scroll through to see some of the images she pulled and our breakdown of how to get the look.

Tome: Sleek Fishtail Braids 

We suggest smoothing hair with a Mason Pearson brush and Lenor Greyl Eclat Naturel smoothing cream and then following the basic how to of our fishtail braid.  Instead of pinching and pulling random strands to loosen, mist with hairspray to set.

(via Tome)

Dannijo: Sleek Fishtail Pony

You’ll definitely need a hair piece for added fullness in this pony.  Start with a center part, then use a strong hold gel to brush and smooth hair to a pony at the center of the nape.  Wrap with string for a decorative feel, then attach your hair piece, and begin to fishtail braid only part of the way down.  Wrap with more string, then tie to finish.

(via Dannijo)

Donna Karan: Four Strand Braid

Remember macrame from when you were a kid?  That’s exactly how to get this look!  Split your pony into 4 pieces, two going up and down, and two going side to side.  Cross the two going up and down so that the bottom piece is now up, and the top piece is not down.  Then cross the side to side pieces so that the right piece is transferred to the left and the left is transferred to the right.  Continue until you have reached the bottom lengths, then use an elastic to finish.  Hat optional.

(via Don 

Tadashi Shoji: Low Braided Bun

Use a Mason Pearson to gather hair into a sleek low pony.  Create a loose braid with remaining lengths, securing with an elastic 3/4 of the ways down.  Use your fingers to gently pull on the left and right sides of the braid to ‘fatten’ it up, then use bobby pins to carefully secure into place, tucking the ends in.  Remember that criss crossing your bobbys gives added security and we want the bumpy side in towards your head!

(via Tadashi Shoji)


Peter Som: Wet Braids

Use a wet look gel to comb the hair back, creating a deep side part.  Separate the top half of your hair into three sections and begin to french braid the remaining hair until you’ve reached the ends.  Secure, add more gel for a fresh off the beach look, and viola!


(via Peter Som)


Suno: Mermaid Cage Braids

Similar to above, use a wet look gel to comb the top half of your hair back.  Beginning just around the occipital bone at the back of the head, take a small section of hair from the center of your head and separate into three sections.  In between a fishtail braid and a french braid, take a small piece of hair from the outer right side of your head and add it to the right piece of the braid as you braid it over to the left.  Continue to take a small piece of hair from the outer left side of your hairline and add it to the left piece of the braid as you braid it to the right.  Continue with this pattern until you have reached the ends.

(via Suno)


Michael Kors: Low Messy Braid

We love the effortless look of a low pony.  Scrunch dry your hair with a sea salt spray, then loosely create a three strand braid through the ends.


(via Michael Kors)


Mara Hoffman: Twisted Messy Braids

Gather hair into a low pony, perhaps adding a wrap around pony for added length.  Gently tease random sections of the hair for added fullness and length.  Begin a three strand braid, then wrap a section of hair around it all and secure with an elastic.  Continue with this pattern until you’ve reach 3/4 the length of the ends, then secure with an elastic and braid through to the ends.  Finish by gently using your fingers to pinch and pull random hairs for added messy fullness.

(via Mara Hoffman)




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