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NYFW Street Style Hair

New York Fashion Week provides moments aplenty for magical manes to standout. Whether perched from row, dashing in between shows or prepping for an ultra glam event–influencers and celebs made sure their street style hair looked fab at every minute with the help of our Mane Addicts stylists on the ground in NYC. We teamed up with Revolve again this season to keep your favorite stars super glam from dawn ’til dusk. Take a look at what our team created and special thanks to: Kathleen Riley, Britt Sully, Ruslan Nureev, Cash Lawless, Alex Brown, Amanda Lee, and Irinel de Leon for all of their fanastical, creative magic at New York Fashion Week.

And while we’re at it–HERE are 30 hairstyles to try for every day in September.

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