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When it comes to fashion week, it’s safe to say that if Odile Gilbert is on hair, the show will be a stunner. Altuzarra featured some of the most elegant pieces of the season thus far, with plunging necklines, fur collars, sequined dresses, tailored pantsuits, and fine white lace. So it was a fresh contrast to see an almost whimsical textured and pinned back style on the models. Though be careful what you call it, Gilbert was quick to correct, “it is not a chignon, the hair is wrapped.”

We had a chance to talk to Gilbert about the look, who explained, “this season we wanted something fresh, wet, that existed without existing. When you see the hair in the profile, it is there, but it is not. It doesn’t look old fashioned.”

Like all of Gilbert’s looks, the hair had a very organic, simple and beautiful quality about it, as “everything is done with the fingers.” The hair layed flat to the head, natural texture ran through and exposed bobby pins gave a glimpse of imperfection. When we asked her about the inspiration, she replied, “there is no inspiration. It is just a beautiful girl who has nothing to hide.”

To recreate the look, Gilbert walked us through some of the steps…


1. Wet the hair with Moroccanoil Styling Cream.

2. Use your fingers to slick the hair back, then dry with a Moroccanoil blowdryer and diffuser using only your hands.

3. Spray with hair with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong to create texture, then continue to dry.

4. Once hair is dry, add Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Finish.

5. Gather hair at the nape of the neck, then separate into 2-3 sections, and wrap the hair against the head, securing with French pins as you go.

6. Finish by using your fingers and French pins to create movement in the rest of the hair, and gently create imperfections.


Photos by Ricardo NapoliJustine Marjan, and Desirae Cherie.

2 minutes

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