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Badgley Mishka’s F/W 2015 collection was a stunning display of long, elegant, embellished gowns and matte, teased hair creating a youthful juxtoposition.

Key hairstylist Peter Gray explained that the inspiration for the look was “the 1940’s film Blood and Sand starring Brigitte Bardot. However, we didn’t want the look going to retro. We still wanted it to feel very young: the Rolling Stones’ girlfriend, a little rock n’ roll, sexy feel. We were channeling that morning after feeling where you’ve just barely touched up your hair, your makeup is just a little smudged, but you’re still in your fabulous dress from the night before.”

“So we have a bouffant, with a low side parting. Not too much construct, keeping the hair nice, soft, and natural.

Our piece d’resistance our the roses in the back. These are preserved roses rolled in hair color spray. What we then do, is bury the roses inside the bouffant, using the pieces from the back and sides of the hair over the roses in an x shape, securing into place. “

We watched Peter Gray work backstage as he walked us through recreating the look at home…


1. “We’re creating a foundation on just damp hair by spraying the roots with Moroccanoil finishing spray in medium hold, then spraying lightly through the ends.

TIP: Because we are looking for a lot of volume, be sure to concentrate the spray directly on the roots. If you are doing this on yourself, flip your head upside down and work the spray in with the blowdryer.

2. As we comb the spray through, we start to get the thickness and natural texture we’re looking for. We’re looking for nice, big, tousled, loose, volume.

3. We then blow-dry the hair through using a paddle brush to dry.

4. When hair is dry, spray the roots with Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo (a new product that is still in the testing phases, but that I love).

5. We then create a low side parting and start backcombing throughout.

6. Place the hair from the front and sides over the backcombing and gently pin into place, using more Moroccanoil finishing spray for hold.

Be sure to follow Peter Gray for more #manespiration.

Photos by Samantha Levi.

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