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NYFWM FW16: Preppy and Polished at Matiere by Joey George

Polished men's hair

Matiere’s FW16 designs, the result of a combination of cultural influences from England’s edgelands and New York’s cityscapes, culminated in tidy tresses styled by Joey George. Keep scrolling to see George’s steps to the polished, preppy hairstyle.

NYFWM FW16 Matiere


  1. Prep hair with Oribe Foundation Mist.
  2. Comb hair into a side part using the arch of the brow as a reference point.
  3. Saturate hair with Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray for fine hair or Oribe Sculpting Cream for thick hair.
  4. Blow dry towards the direction of the side part. Once dry, finish with Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray.

Images: Rachelle Hacmac of Oribe Hair Care

2 minutes

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