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The Octopus Haircut Has Us Ready to Re-Enter Our Scene Phase

We’ve seen our fair share of interesting haircut trends, especially these past few years. With everyone stuck inside, the desire for a drastic change has been showcased in a number of different looks. We’ve seen the mullet make a comeback, along with the shag. Then the wolf cut started making its rounds. Now, we have the octopus haircut, which is soon to be on everyone’s head.

“This haircut is going crazy right now because it’s super low maintenance, a ‘scrunch and go’ haircut if you will,” share Shag Salon co-founders Joe Sirry and April Christina Taylor. “It’s flattering to most hair types and grows out nicely so it’s not going to be an every six weeks haircut, and there’s nothing like a global pandemic to make everyone realize they don’t want to cut their hair every six weeks.”

Intrigued by this haircut trend? Scroll below to get all the details straight from Joe and April!

What Is the Octopus Haircut?

Similar to the wolf cut, the octopus haircut is an evolution of the shag. But think of it as a cross between the two. “It’s veering back towards the MySpace scene girl haircut, a culmination of a shag and 2021’s wolf cut,” the duo shares. “The idea is lots of layers, lots of texture, and wispy ends with no blunt lines.” Those with fine or thin hair will achieve more movement and volume with this cut.

How Can You Get This Haircut?

Achieving this haircut is all about the layers. The Shag Salon owners share that you’ll want to “ask your stylist for short layers, lots of shaping around the face, and lots of the weight removed.” They also note you may want a “little lesson about the styling required” before you leave the salon, though they assure that the styling will be minimal. Again, this is is a sort of hairstyle that basically allows you to get up and go. If it looks a bit disheveled, all the better.

Who Does the Octopus Haircut Suit Best?

While the octopus haircut can be created on every hair type, those with straight to medium hair will look best in the cut. “This haircut encourages movement and can add curl and texture to the hair, so it may not be the ideal haircut for someone with curly to coily hair that may want to reduce the volume rather than add it,” the duo notes.

As far as face shape is concerned, there’s not a single face shape that won’t look good in this cut. The cutting technique will be different for each, but both Joe and April stress it complements all face shapes.

“Small alterations can be made depending on any features you may want to expose or hide,” they say. “For example, going shorter with the bangs can help reduce the appearance of a large forehead, or keeping the shirted layers around the cheekbones can help narrow a round face.”

Octopus Haircut Inspiration

Feeling bold? Will you dare try this haircut trend? Peep some of our favorite takes on the octopus haircut below. As always, make sure you find ones that are as close to your face shape and hair type as possible to make it easier for your stylist.

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