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HOW-TO: Odette Annable’s Sleek Bun by Christine Symonds

When we first saw Odette Annable’s red carpet look from last night’s Hollywood Domino Gala, we knew we had to talk to her hair stylist, Christine Symonds, about the beautiful sleek and chic look. Symonds explained, “for Odette we knew we wanted to keep the look clean and simple so we started with clean and dry straight hair.”

Symonds breaks down how to recreate the look below…


1. “First I executed an extreme side part, then I liberally applied Oribe Grandiose Mousse in the dry hair section by section.

2. I then took a fine tooth comb and blow dried the hair in the direction we wanted it to lay, making sure not to lift the hair to create any volume.

3. I gathered the hair in to a low pony tail and used a bungee hair tie to wrap and secure the pony tail, so I wouldn’t disrupt the sleek finish of the hair.

4. Then, I coated the pony tail with more mousse for more control over any loose layers, and twisted the pony tail in to a bun, securing with bobby pins. 

5. To finish, I sprayed Oribe Superfine Hairspray to lock the look in place.”

For more #manespiration, be sure to follow Christine Symonds on Instagram.

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