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Odile Gilbert on the Big Difference Between American and French Girl Hair

It’s no secret that Odile Gilbert is a legend on and off the runway–the French born hair icon has dolled up the ‘dos backstage for top designers like Rodarte, Johnathan Simkai and Alexander Wang and has more Vogue cover moments than one can even count. For L’Orèal Professional’s 110th Anniversary, Odile created seven runway looks alongside Ahn Co Tran, Adir Abergel and more for the opening night’s festivities at Carrousel du’Louvre and we got the chance to chat with the runway connoisseur about French styling techniques, advice for aspiring key stylists and the one thing she never leaves home without.


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What is a French hair cutting technique that you swear by?

For my part, it is important to be technical, but on the same time cut by feeling.

What are your styling tips for nailing French off-duty hair?

My styling tips are to use hair products to control the hair texture. You can also use a bit of conditioner in your hands to put all over your hair when they are done.

Best advice for aspiring runway hairstylists?

My best advice is to follow the inspiration of the designer to bring a surprising look.

Top three L’Orèal pro hair products and why?

The Top 3 L’Oréal Pro Hair : the Spray Thermo Modeling Pli to volumize, The Beach Wave for a cool easy look, effortless and the Fix Design Spray to control the style.

What makes Parisian women’s hair so effortless?

Parisian women’s hair is a good haircut looking effortless, easy to style by yourself.

What’s the biggest difference between American women and Parisian women when it comes to hair?

In America women love to have the hair very done, they also wash their hair often. In France, women think the hair look better on the second or third day. Of course, it all depends on your lifestyle. In France, it is important that your hair look like it is not done even if it is.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration come from my travels, art, movies, TV series and street life.

You never leave the home without …

I never leave the home without a brush Mason Pearson.



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