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NEED TO KNOW: Oil Slick Hair Color

Oil Slick Hair Color

It’s safe to say that there is no longer a norm of “basic” hair color. With an influx of fashion colors, we’re seeing rainbow, bright neons, and now The Oil Slick

When inspired by nature, even the most wild colors can oddly feel more natural. The reflective colors that come to life inside oil has given colorists a whole new color palette to work with. Sally Hershberger Salon colorist and balayage artist, Andrew Cruz has taken the oil slick technique and made it his own. 

“Now is the era of pastel hair, but being that my clientele has primarily dark hair I wanted to give them a chance to have fantasy colors without completely bleaching them out,” says Andy. “Oil slick gives me a chance to use darker spectrum colors all incorporated together with a bit of edge that looks good with really dark roots.”

Oil Slick Hair Color

So how is this technique different from your signature balayage? Cruz says “I do my typical balayage to get them pale yellow, then I free hand paint different strands with different PRAVANA LOCKED-IN colors, usually without a pattern. I feel that gives them a more free flow look. PRAVANA LOCKED-IN allows me to separate the colors without using foils, and that gives me a better idea of the color that I am building.”

Oil Slick Hair Color

What makes Oil Slick hair stand out is that “it’s mostly about using cooler colors (ie. blue, green, purple, etc.,)  with a hint of one warm color (i.e. pink) worn against dark hair, like an oil slick/spill. It’s designed to look dark in certain lighting and shine colorful in the light, like black oil.  Whereas rainbow contains all the colors in the spectrum, cool and warm.”

If you have naturally dark hair, this is the perfect way to add a fun and unique color to your mane without the maintenance. We might need to make an appointment with Andy and jump on the Oil Slick trend soon! 

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