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Okay – Orange Hair Color is Hot as Hell (and Literally Everywhere)

Our favorite summer hair color trends all have one thing in common: orange tones. From caramel balayage to pops of pastel, shades of orange are taking the beauty world by storm. And honestly, nothing is hotter than these absolutely fire hues. Not only are these coppery colors ideal for warmer weather, they’re also totally on trend for fall. Love a transitional tone!

Looking to take your locks to the next level? These seven orange tones are the summer colors to try.

1. Copper Melt

Talk about fire! This hot af hair color is a summer dream – subtle but bold.

2. Highlighter Hue

When in doubt, go for something big and bright. This neon peach tone is daring in all of the right ways.

3. Classic Orange

What’s more classic than this tried-and-true ginger shade? Note to self: pairs well with gorgeous curls.

4. Copper Peach

Not ready for a total revamp? A copper peach color is just the thing to spice things up in a subtle way – definitely on trend this season.

5. Dual Tone

Dual tone hair color has been in for a minute, but this orange on orange aesthetic is our favorite take on the trend yet.

6. Cool Orange

Orange hair and understated can totally coincide. This cool orange tone is still hot as hell!

7. Cinnamon Spice

Now THIS is the kind of orange you can take straight into the next season.

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