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Why You Should Be Using Olive Oil on Your Hair Stat

When it comes to beauty, I’m a “kitchen sink” kind of girl. I like to make the most out of what I already have, and if happens to come from the fridge, even better. This is why I’ve become friends with all kinds of oils and produce from coconut to avocado. Though I’m never totally sure if I’m winging it or if there are actual benefits to the strange concoctions I’m slathering on my locks, I decided to take a deeper dive and find out more about one of the most controversial and accessible oils out there: olive. Instead of entrusting my hair health with gut instinct (pun intended), I reached out to Dr. Kaveri Karhade, a board-certified dermatologist, for the full olive oil report.

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How Does Olive Oil Benefit the Hair?

“Olive oil can add shine and luster to the hair,” notes Dr. Karhade. Just don’t overdo it. “Less is more. A few droplets on the palms rubbed together can help to tame flyaways and add overall shine. Too much, however, and you risk weighing down the hair and making it look greasy.”

She offers some sage advice on how often to use the oil as well. “As a dermatologist, I get asked about various oils for the scalp and hair. While olive oil can be hydrating for the scalp, I generally recommend against routine scalp use due to the fact that a yeast that’s normal to human scalps, Malassezia, can sometimes grow more in the setting of olive oil. This is the yeast that contributes to dandruff,” she notes.

Can Olive Oil Help With Hair Growth?

So often, people turn to oils in hopes they will help lengthen their locks. Many claim olive oil does the trick, but Dr. Karhade quickly busts that myth. “Olive oil has not been proven to help with hair growth. Rather, it coats the hair to improve the shine and appearance of healthy hair,” she says. Don’t depend on it to increase your length.

How Should It Be Applied?

A few drops will do it, but consistency is key. “I recommend using small amounts as frequently as daily to help tame flyaways and improve shine. Focus on the ends of the hair rather than roots,” she stresses.

Which Hair Types or Concerns Benefit Most From It?

“Those with dry, brittle, or curly hair may benefit from olive oil to help improve the shine and appearance of healthy hydrated locks,” continues Dr. Karhade.

Is There Anyone That Should Avoid the Oil?

“Those with fine or limp hair should stay away from most olive oil-containing products as olive oil may further flatten the hair and leave it appearing greasy and weighed down,” notes Dr. Karhade.

Which Are the Best Olive Oils for Hair?

You don’t have to be too precious about your olive oil. Dr. Kaveri explains that “whatever is in your kitchen” will do. So grab your go-to olive oil and use it on your strands stat.

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