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Olivia Culpo Swears By This Hair Product

You know when a pint of ice cream falls into your lap? You take one bite, you’re hooked, then the pint goes poof in a matter of minutes. You just couldn’t get enough. You know the feeling. That’s what landing on Olivia Culpo’s Instagram will do to you. One selfie later and you’re individually clicking through all 2,350 of her photos. Like one big beauty inspo board, Olivia’s page gives you #hairgoals for eons. With an A-list glam squad by her side, Olivia Culpo’s hair philosophy has no limits. But the girl can style a mean slicked-back bun even when they’re not around.

Olivia might be from Rhode Island, but she’s made her mega mark in LA, with an IG boasting 1.9 million followers. We caught up with the brunette bombshell and GHD brand ambassador at the launch of GHD’s Wanderlust Collection at Mr. C Hotel in the 90210 while her go-to hairstylist and Mane Addicts alum, Justine Marjan, gave her a mohawk braid adorned ponytail (just one of three looks they created together that day).  Read on to find out the one hair product Olivia swears by for strobe light-bright shine. Hint: You probably have it in your kitchen RN.

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What is the secret to keeping your hair healthy?

My biggest secret is using reliable tools. Tools like GHD’s, that heat up to 360 so it doesn’t burn the hair. I also love to use coconut oil as a mask or as a styling tool. It has a little bit of SPF so it helps with heat damage. I also work with a heat style protector before I style my hair.

Do you have a favorite heat protector?

I love the OUAI Hair Oil. I also love MoroccanOil because it smells so good. The Tresemmé one is great too!

How do you use coconut oil for styling?

I use it for pulling back the hair while traveling or for like a sleek JLO bun.

What is one hair product you can’t live without?

My GHD Platinum Styler because I can curl my hair and also sleek my hair with it.

Bubble trouble

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How do you and Justine come up with the looks?

We collaborate on a lot of looks. Sometimes we bring different elements from hairstyles that we’ve seen before and incorporate them into a whole new look. Many times, we just create looks that you can’t actually find online. I think that that’s what hair and makeup is all about. Having fun and never being afraid to try something new.
Justine Marjan: We never do the same look twice. We always want to try something new which is why we always have so much fun with it!

Do you color your hair?

No! I have never colored my hair. This is my natural hair color. I’m just worried that when I get gray hairs, I’ll have to start coloring it!

We know you do masks. Do you do any glosses?

I did try a gloss once, but I honestly see more of a difference when I do an overnight coconut oil mask. Just straight CVS coconut oil.

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Do you take any supplements?

I love taking Olly Vitamins because they taste so good and they have so many beauty ones. They have the Undeniable Beauty Gummy Supplements with biotin, and the Flawless Complexion ones with vitamin E to promote beautiful skin. They have Vibrant Skin which has antioxidants and minerals and also tastes really good. Vitamins? Candy? Who knows! They are so totally candy!

How often do you wash your hair?

At the most, I’ll wash my hair every other day. Sometimes I’ll wash it every other, other day because dirty hair is very valuable for styling.
Justine Marjan: Unless you have really fine hair, you don’t really need to wash it everyday.

Justine, how often do you wash your hair?

Oh man guys, about once a week. My hair is really thick!

What is your go-to style when the glam squad isn’t around?

My go-to hair style for those days is a sleek mid bun. A JLO sleek look. I use the MoroccanOil Root Boost Spray for volume and it also gets rid of fly away hairs. It’s so easy and comfortable!

Do you have a favorite shampoo and/or conditioner?

I’ve been using OUAI a ton lately because it smells so good! Oribe, Garnier, Head ‘n’ Shoulders —because they all smell amazing.

For more Olivia Culpo hair tips, follow @oliviaculpo @justinemarjan @ghd_northamerica!





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