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Olivia Culpo Ditches Long Hair for a Chic Bob

When someone as beautiful as Olivia Culpo wants a haircut, of course she goes and sees Jen Atkin. Olivia had been eyeing short haircuts, but had never been brave enough to take the plunge, but after a chat with Jen, she was convinced that short hair was for her.

“I’ve always thought short hair looked so chic and sophisticated on people like Victoria Beckham and Michelle Pfeiffer in ‘Scar Face,'” she says. “There’s something that feels very polished about a short haircut, and I wanted to take the plunge! I knew if I was going to go short I would have to work with Jen.”

Olivia Culpo Haircut with Jen Atkin

No stranger to taking someone’s hair short, Jen knew the perfect length for Olivia would fall right below her jawline. Something effortlessly, ‘Parisian chic’ she said. Jen cut Olivia’s hair with both the razor and shears to add texture to her ends, making sure the cut looked modern.

Olivia Culpo Haircut with Jen Atkin

The morning after her haircut, Olivia was surprised at no longer being able to pull her hair back, posting a tiny ponytail and shocked reaction on her Instagram with the caption: “… I realized I can’t put my hair in a pony tail anymore. Nothing a few hundred bobby pins can’t fix!!!”

Olivia Culpo Haircut with Jen Atkin

Quickly after, she was off to Dubai, where her styling tools were limited. “This bob is a PROJECT,” she posted on her Instagram. “I don’t have a straightener or curling iron here so I’ve been air drying and trying not to look like a triangle head.”

Thankfully, when we caught up with her later she had grown more comfortable with her newfound length. “I’m surprised that it’s much easier to manage. I can let it air dry and walk out the door. I was worried it would take a long time to style every day!”

Olivia Culpo Haircut with Jen Atkin AFTER

“It’s definitely an adjustment, but I’ve had a lot of fun styling this cut with clothes to get a more tailored, clean look.”

Thinking of taking the plunge? Read Short Hair 101 for everything you need to know beforehand!

Photos and video by Dave Lang.

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