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It’s a Lot Less Brutal Out Here, Because Olivia Rodrigo Shared Her Fave Hair Oil for Shiny Strands

Olivia Rodrigo wears her heart on her sleeve. And thank god, because that means she’s not one to keep all her secrets—specifically, her beauty secrets. The chart-topping singer-songwriter dishes on her favorite hair and skincare products in an episode of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets YouTube series. While Glossier and The Ordinary make up most of her go-to skincare and makeup products, we took interest in the hair products she uses (obvi). In particular, Olivia’s favorite hair oil. Enter Kérastase Paris’ Elixir Ultime Original Oil.

The “Good 4 U” singer reveals that the Kérastase hair oil is “something [she] really loves.” Given the number of celebrity hairstylists who swear by this product, we can see why.

Hey mane muse, we wanted to give you a heads up that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Okay, so what does that mean for you? It just means that Mane Addicts will collect a small share of the sale from any purchase you make from the products we recommend.

Kérastase Paris Elixir Ultime Original Oil: $51

Kérastase Paris’ Elixir Ultime Original Oil
(via Kérastase Paris)

Don’t let the price tag sway you, because this is hair oil is absolutely worth the splurge. Formulated with nourishing camellia and marula oils, this iconic oil increases hair elasticity, promotes shine, and delivers all the nutrients your strands need to look their very best. Even the most damaged locks can be revived with a single drop of this oil, trust us.

But that’s not the only hair product Olivia loves. She starts her day off by chewing on some Olly Undeniable Beauty Vitamins, as we all should. These gummy vitamins are packed with biotin, keratin, and vitamins A and C, which promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Olly Undeniable Beauty Vitamins: $13.99

Olly Undeniable Beauty Vitamins
(via Olly)

Rounding out her favorite hair products, we have none other than Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. Olivia tells Vogue, “dry shampoo is very important to me, because I have the most oily hair.” We feel seen!

This particular dry shampoo is a godsend, because it absorbs oil, sweat, and odor. Plus, it dries quickly, so white residue won’t consume your strands and tell the world that you didn’t wash your hair.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo: $26

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
(via Living Proof)

Watch Olivia’s Beauty Secrets session with Vogue below to discover even more beauty products she loves!

We know we talked extensively about Olivia’s favorite hair products, so let’s talk about those gorgeous strands of hers for a minute. HERE are her best hair moments… so far!

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