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ONE TO WATCH: Amanda Steele Serves A Serious Blonde Mane

Hold up. If you’re a beauty fanatic, chances are you already follow @amandasteele, formally known as @makeupbymandy and still known as MakeupByMandy24 on YouTube. While I started following the then lavender hued starlett over an appreciation of her beauty related content and chic photos, I hadn’t anticipated that this media mogul was only 16 years old! Having started her YouTube page at only 10 years old, Steele now captivates a fan base of nearly 3 million YouTube subscribers and 2.6M followers on Instagram.

While her page shows off videos of wardwrobe styling, makeup tutorials, skin care routines, and lifestyle tips, it’s the condition of her perfectly platinum mane that catches our eye. So we enlisted hair guru Matthew Monzon to give this one to watch a fresh take on her tresses.

Amanda Steele Blunt Blonde Lob Mane Addicts

To prep her hair for the shoot, I sprayed Oribe Foundation Spray,” says Monzon, “then layered in a Kèrastase Mousse Bouffante with a wide tooth comb. Using my fingers and my Harry Josh blow dryer I rough dried her hair, picking up sections and twisting the hair as it dried. Once fully dry, I took my Harry Josh flat iron and created “S” waves.  I tried to keep it a bit inconsistent to ensure a tousled feeling. I then lightly misted John Masters Organics Sea Salt spray onto the hair to add a bit more texture to the style.”

So how exactly does the 16 year old maintain her strands? “To maintain my blonde hair, I have to use purple shampoo and a good hair mask,” she dishes. “The purple shampoo keeps the blonde from turning yellow and a hair mask keeps my hair healthy. It definitely takes a lot to keep your hair moisturized after bleaching all the time!”

Monzon gives his two cents adding, “when deciding to go platinum there are a few things to consider. Platinum is something that really should be left to an experienced colorist. There is definitely science involved when taking hair from any stage to platinum. If not done properly it could result in a baby chick yellow shade of yellow or even worse, broken hair. Make sure to do your research. Ask another platinum blonde that you admire where they got they get their hair colored. Or simply take to Instagram and check hashtags like #bleachandtone #haircolorist and #platinumblonde.

Amanda Steele Short Hair Updo

Having been platinum on a few different occasions in my life, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to give it a try. Changing up your hair is always a fun way to explore and try new things. Life is short, have fun with your hair!!  But make sure to see a professional colorist, no one wants a head of broken off hair.”

While we wanted to keep this shoot fun, fresh, and inspirational, Steele dishes on what keeps her inspired. “These days, I get inspired by so many people! Especially with social media, I can see so many people’s creativeness. There isn’t just specific people that are beauty icons to me. My beauty icons are people that are confident and comfortable in their own skin!” However she admits, “I would love to have Brigitte Bardot’s hair!! Her hair looks so soft and beautiful but also the perfect blonde!”

So what hair advice would the teen star give to her fans? “Take risks! You never know what you’ll actually be able to pull off, and it’s super fun to switch up your look.”


talent: @amandasteele

photographer: @rtranphoto

hair: @matthewmonzon

makeup: @makeupbysamuel

wardrobe: @sammykstyle

art director: @desiraecherie

producer: @ashley.alanis

2 minutes

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