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Best known for her role as Teen Wolf‘s Kira Yukimura, Arden Cho has a mane to die for. With thick, long strands the actress/songbird serves up major #hairgoals that make us feel all kinds of ways. Since working on an upcoming comedy series called Tweenfest, where her raven hair strands were turned electric blue, we knew this mega babe could pull of the summer manespiration dreams are made of.

Arden Cho Long Thick Dark Hair

With Mane Master Scott King on hair, Arden became the canvas for thick, touchable, flirty strands that are surprisingly attainable. “When it comes to hair, I trust Scott,” she tells us. “I’m like, ‘Do your thing,’ ‘cause he’s the pro. But I’m pretty sure if I was like, “I hate it” he would fix it! He makes me feel sexy and beautiful and gives me amazing volume and texture.”

Arden Cho High Ponytail by Scott King

So when it comes to a mane that covetable, we knew it must be full of secrets. “What’s the longest you’ve gone without washing your hair?” we ask, ready for the dirt. “Probably two days because it’s really hard for me,” she says. “I love washing my hair everyday, I know it’s terrible and you shouldn’t do it, but I still do. But in 2007, I was in Kenya for a missions trip working with medical missionaries and orphanages and I didn’t wash my hair for a good four to five weeks. I had it in a bun and pretty much wore a bandana. Your glands stop producing oil after a week or two. It’s pretty gross. But there was no running water so no one was showering, it was just like, we were all dirty together. I finally washed it when we were visiting someone in Nyrobi who had running water so we all had a minute shower—it was the best feeling ever. I literally want to start rubbing my scalp right now just thinking of how amazing it felt.”

Hair Product Layout by Pool

On the day to day, Arden’s hair routine is fairly simple. “My go-to, especially when I’m not working or even on the way to work, is always a topknot. I’m not very skilled when it comes to makeup and hair, which is why I’m very thankful that I work with amazing people who make me look and feel beautiful. A topknot’s easy, it gets everything out of the way. I love when you pull it out, you sorta have an ‘easy, I didn’t try’ wave. Otherwise, my hair is just air-dried and straight.” 

Arden Cho Long Braid Pool Hair

So what beauty products can’t she live without? “I love a good sea salt spray, like from Bumble and bumble. My hair is very fine, so it needs a little body. Also, my Blistex chapstick. It’s not fancy, but it does the trick. I have about 50 sticks, because I’m not kidding, every time I leave the house and I forget it, I will stop and buy some. I have, like, five in every purse, one in every jacket pocket, two in my car. I’m literally a crazy person when it comes to chapstick. I hate dried lips. Once they crack, it’s the worst!”

Arden’s fav look from the shoot was the braid! What was yours? Let us know in the comments below!

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