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ONE TO WATCH: Emilia Clarke

ONE TO WATCH: Emilia Clarke Collage

Emilia Clarke is best known for her long, icy blonde, braided locks as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. This real-life brunette spends nearly two hours a day in the hair chair getting  a head of cornrows prior to her wig cap with Mane Master Kevin Alexander (and you thought your hair color took a long time). 

khaleesi hair braids

As Daenerys, she inspires us to switch up our ordinary three strand braid for a four strand, rope twist, or waterfall braid.

emlia clarke adir abergel

Now that she’s joined the rest of us on Instagram, we get to live in her real time manespirations too. With her recent role in the new Terminator Genysis, she’s since chopped her mane thanks to Alex Polillo, and has had some beautiful red carpet ‘dos by Mane Master Adir Abergel. Needless to say, Emilia Clarke and her mane are stars on the rise!  

2 minutes

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