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One To Watch: Eva Gutowski

YouTube entertainer, comedian, actress, producer, world traveler, content curator, and dubbed fastest growing YouTube star by People Magazine, Eva Gutowski boasts over 7M YouTube subscribers and nearly 5M followers on her Instagram. We paired her up with one of our fav celeb hairstylists, Chad Wood, to give her the A-list treatment as we got to know the rising talent.

Long Blonde Effortless Waves Hair

“I was so excited to work with Chad because he really took me out of my comfort zone and did things I would have never done to my own hair. We even decided to cut my hair mid-way through and it was really scary, but I ended up really loving it. And now, I’m never gonna grow my hair out again.”

One To Watch Eva Gutowski Braid Crown

“Back when I was in junior high during springtime, I saw a girl with really pretty short hair and bangs and I really wanted hair like that but my mom wouldn’t let me cut it. She liked my hair long. So one day I cut it all off without telling my mom and I put it in my dresser drawer so she wouldn’t see it. The next day, I put it in a bun while she took me to school so she wouldn’t see and then when I got out of her car I took it out. Once I saw it, it didn’t look good because my hair is so heavy – I looked like a mushroom. Then I had to straighten it every day and now it won’t ever grow because of too much heat styling.”

Soft Effortless Blonde Waves

“I like my hair down and in a side-part with a little bit of wave at the end like a 60’s/modern look. Like, Brigitte Bardot. She is my hair inspiration.”

Effortless Soft Blonde Waves, Eva Gutowski, Mane Addicts, blonde ombre

“I can’t live without Carol’s Daughter Shampoo and Conditioner. My friend, Teala (Dunn) showed it to me and now I can’t live without it. I never leave the house without a matte lipstick. Right now I love the Bite Cosmetics matte in ‘Honey Wheat’.”

Eva Gutowski Blonde Bath tub , rooty

“I love to travel and see the world. I am learning more about conservation and animals. I plan to take my love of travel, take everything I love about it and continue taking people through my journeys through videos. I also have a bunch of projects coming out this year that’s very exciting that I will be announcing soon, so stay tuned!”

Talent: Eva Gutowski @mylifeaseva

Hair: Chad Wood @chadwoodhair

Makeup: Allan Avendano @allanface

Photography: Andrew Stiles @andrewstiles

Wardrobe: Manny Jay @manejay

Creative Direction: Ashley Alanis @ashley.alanis

2 minutes

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