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ONE TO WATCH: Halsey Ditches Blue for a Platinum Pixie

Don’t get it twisted–Halsey may be all over the airwaves these days, but she’s anything but your girl next door.

The alt-pop singer established herself as a Billboard Babe with the release of her debut album, Badlands, which sold more than 75,000 units in its first week. (And did we mention she landed a feature on Justin Bieber’s upcoming album, Purpose?) But the half-black, half-white, openly bisexual singer continues to make waves beyond her ballads for her larger-than-life mentality and killer style.

Halsey Blue Hair

Halsey, whose real name is Ashley Frangipane, has an aesthetic unlike any other. A little bit goth, a little hipster and a lot bizarre, the mix yields a look unique as her vocals, often characterized as “churchy, scary and shimmery.”

She recently switched out her signature turquoise locks in favor of an icy platinum dye job that sweetens up her badass persona–at least at first glance. While Halsey sticks to straightening her strands, she’s not afraid to let her curls fly, as she recently debuted via Instagram.

Halsey Platinum Pixie

Whether on the stage or on the street, Halsey represents the kind of unapologetic, take-me-or-leave-me persona that’s wholly true to her vision and sense of self. A girl who takes risks day in and day out? That’s the kind of killer confidence everyone can get behind.

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