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ONE TO WATCH: Kaia Gerber

Thanks to technology and social media, models today are more than just the beautiful faces we see in magazines, on TV, and on the runway. We have become accustomed to candid, constant, and instant access to the budding elite with an ability to follow their every move. Supermodel fame has resurged and is now synonymous with celebrity. Some may argue their flawless faces are more tightly woven into the psyche of our society than our favorite movie stars.

kaia gerber

Of course, this all started in the 90’s – when the term supermodel as it’s used today, was defined. And although the faces from that era have since moved on to pursue life in other terms – perhaps, thanks to genetics, we may not have to say goodbye after all.


I’m referring to Kaia Gerber, the 14 year old who signed to her first modeling contract with IMG models just last week. Kaia is the daughter of 90’s supermodel super-woman Cindy Crawford. With just a glimpse of her in her first fashion editorials, (Versace, CR Fashion Book and Vogue Italia), we are transported back into the early days of her mother’s career. With a breathtaking resemblance, you might attribute her comfort in front of the camera to having previously modeled alongside her mother when she was just 10 or her appearances on the pages Teen Vogue.

Still, you can’t argue with her inherent skill for sultriness. Though Kaia isn’t allowed to model full-time just yet, (for Cindy in particular, it’s important that her daughter not rely on her beauty to get ahead in the world) we don’t think she will be able to stay in the shadows for long. Certainly the fashion world, along with the rest of us, will find it difficult to resist the appeal of her nostalgic beauty.

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