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Kat McNamara by Chris Dylan and Mane Addicts Red Hair braids

If there’s one thing we’re suckers for, it’s a redhead, and Katherine McNamara has the fiery mane of our creamsicle fantasies. Best known for her roles on The Fosters and Shadow Hunters, just last year this beauty proved that she is definitely one to watch. With a mane as impressive as her acting skills, we brought in hairstylist Chris Dylan to transform the starlet into our leading lady.

“I’m always inspired by a beautiful client, and effortless additions to enhance her natural beauty,” says Chris as he prepares for Katherine’s looks for the day. “This shoot was intended to be very light, airy, and fresh with a touch of edge for the new starlet. Kat has such a gorgeous base of hair to work with, so I was stoked coming into this.”

Kat McNamara by Chris Dylan and Mane Addicts Red Hair

“I knew that during the shoot I was going to give Kat texture and braids, so I wanted to start with something sleek and straight. Then I’d transition her into more hair, more texture, and more visually appealing ways of movement. For the first look, I gave her a hard side part. Once that was set, I went ahead and used Oribe Foundation Mist and R & Co Park Ave Blowout Balm, then blowdried using a Mason Pearson brush and an Ibiza Hair Kristal 3600 Blow Dryer. Once Kat’s hair was completely dry I used my Unite Hair Pro Tools Flat Iron to create a pin straight finish. I then applied R & Co Continental Glossing Wax to my fingers and worked from the part outwards, tucking one side behind the ear.”

A welcome departure from Kat’s go-to, which she admits is “usually just air dried and brushed,” we transformed her tresses into our dreamy spring inspiration, working braids, waves, and fun playful textures into her already-lush mane.

Kat McNamara by Chris Dylan and Mane Addicts Red Hair Braids and Flowers

“To transition into the next look, I grabbed my Ibiza Round Concave Brush and started blowing the product out of her hair. Once her hair was full and fluffy again, I created a Dutch ‘inside-out’ braid, secured it with a hair elastic and pulled it apart, using Unite Hair Expanda Dust to flatten and give texture to the braid. I then curled the hair by alternating sections and directions with my iron. Once this was complete I used a detangling brush to gently brush the hair up to make some more volume and ‘frizz’ happen. I finished off the look with Oribe Dry Texture Spray and R & Co Outerspace Hair Spray.”

Chris was right on point channeling Kat’s best, which she divulges, “for date nights, I love simple romantic body waves. Something that looks like I put in a bit of effort but not too done.”

Kat McNamara by Chris Dylan and Mane Addicts Red Hair Flowers

If Kat has you dreaming of Coachella and Palm Springs weekends with bae, look no further. Chris will give you the hairstyle perfect for the occasion. “For this look, I wet and re-blew out Kat’s fringe, giving the freedom to place her part down the center. I threw her hair into a low pony tail using my favorite BLAX Hair Elastics and teased the pony using a detangling brush. I used my fingers and a rat tail comb to pull out hair from her frontal hairline and used a Hot Tools 1 1/4 inch curling iron to create light and effortless bends that framed her face.

Kat McNamara by Chris Dylan and Mane Addicts Red Hair Flowers

“For the last look, I simply pinned random pieces from the front of her hair onto the back and fishtailed the ponytail.  Once this was done, I wrapped the fishtail to create a low bun.”

How dreamy does Kat look in this spread? We’re itching for spring so we can try her baby’s breath inspired ‘do out for ourselves!

Hair: Chris Dylan @chrisdylanhair

Makeup: Priscilla Ono @priscillaono

Stylist: Allan Troy @allantroy_

Nails: Paloma Urbina @paaalomita_

Photography: Mat Abad @badboi

Art Direction: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

2 minutes

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