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ONE TO WATCH: Kelli Berglund

Best known for her role as ‘Bree Davenport’ on Disney Channel XD’s Lab Rats Kelli Berglund is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest ‘ones to watch’ for her fresh face and raw talent. Not only an accomplished actress (look out for her feature film Raising the Bar this year), but she is also an extraordinary dancer, having won several awards in lyrical, contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, tap, and jazz (and she’s only 20 years old!!). To complement her diverse talents, we switched up her look for something fun and playful with the help of hairstylist Jonathan Colombini.

Kelli Berglund

“My hair has been through so many transformations,” says Berglund. “For the longest time, all I wanted was super long hair, so I wore extensions for years. I did everything I could to avoid my naturally curly short hair. As I’ve grown up and learned to embrace who I am (and be way more comfortable with it), I’m all about my short locks! It’s way less work, and my hair is thanking me for taking out the extra hair that’s been weighing it down for so long.”

No stranger to playing with her hair (she was a platinum blonde just two years ago), the rising star admits that the craziest thing she’s ever done to her hair was ‘rag-curls.’ “When I was younger, my mom tried this technique on me, and when I took them out, my chest-length hair bounced up above my ears. It was the worst.” To help Kelli forget this hair disaster ever happened, we let her in on some of Colombini’s hair magic.

Kelli Berglund Ponytail Mane Addicts One to Watch

To prep her hair for each look, Colombini used “Sachajuan Ocean Mist and Sally Hershberger Golden Touch Nourishing Dry Oil. With a 1-inch barrel iron, I wrapped the hair around leaving ends out. I then passed my flat iron through the hair to relax the curl and encourage more of a wavy, lived-in look.”

So how can we encourage a natural, effortless look on the reg? Take a tip from Berglund: “I live off of dry shampoo. My hair and skin are both naturally dry, so my hair doesn’t get super oily right away. I can sometimes go 3+ days without washing my hair, which may sound gross, but it’s bad to wash your hair every day! Especially with dry hair like mine. I like to let the natural oils get to it, and when it does start to look a little shiny, I break out the dry shampoo. But believe me, I do know when it’s time to wash it!”

“Ever since I cut my hair, I love wearing it in a messy/wavy effortless look. I curl it with a straightener, and usually add some dry shampoo and texturizing powder for volume.”

On the inspiration for the shoot, Colombini says “Kelli is young fresh and naturally beautiful. So keeping that raw, fresh look was my first inspiration. But, after seeing her work that camera, my inspiration immediately switched to sweet and sexy!”

Kelli Berglund Side Swoop Bang Mid-Length Hair

And channel her inner supermodel she did- whipping her hair and eyeing the camera for each shot. So how did she get so comfortable in front of the camera? Bergland dishes on her ultimate beauty icons: “First is Bella Hadid. She really plays up her natural beauty, and I love that. It’s very classy. The other would have to be Candice Swanepoel. Whether she’s edgy and sexy or all natural, she looks killer.”

So what’s next for the Disney mega-babe? “Time for myself! The past few months, I’ve done some soul searching. It’s time for me to act upon my interests, stay dedicated, and apply that to my career.”

Talent: Kelli Berglund @kelliberglund

Hair: Jonathan Colombini @jonathan_colombini

Photographer: Jones Crow @jonescrow

Makeup: Joey Maalouf @joeymaalouf

Stylist: Adeel Khan @adeel_k

Art Director: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

Produced by: Ashley Alanis @ashley.alanis

Location: Sofitel Hotel LA @esterelrestaurant

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