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ONE TO WATCH: Madison Beer

With long, dark locks, a fierce smile, and over 5 million Instagram followers, Madison Beer, the 17 year old singer and pop sensation is turning heads and making waves. With a Youtube channel full of amazing covers that led her to fame when she was ‘discovered’ by Justin Bieber at only 13, she’s currently in the studio working on her debut album, and we’re just crossing our fingers that it’s going to sound a lot like her pop single, All For Love. In light of her upcoming album, we paired Madison with Chris Appleton, the hairstylist behind performers like Katy Perry, Rita Ora, and Christina Aguilera, to give Madison the pop star treatment.

Madison Beer Wet Hair Blonde Wig

With an array of custom wigs colored by Shah Karegar, Madison first debuted a short platinum look that was wet and wild. “We wanted to create something edgy,” says Shah, “and I think platinum blondes are always a great way to add an iconic effect to the picture.” 

Chris explains that “a wet texture always works really well with a platinum blonde and dark eyebrows. It was about creating a wet, sexy look and I think it was so cool to do that on the blonde because Madison hasn’t done that before. I created it with water and Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Oil.”

Madison Beer Long Silver Hair

I was inspired by Madison’s outfit, the silver top,” explains Chris of the second look. “Silver is such a bold hair color to do and it’s really hard to get the right shade.”

Haircolorists take note, the perfect silver is not just one tone as Shah admits creating the perfect tone relies on a multidimensional hue to create the illusion of reflection.

“Since the color was so striking, I wanted it to be really clean —middle part, glossy,” says Chris. “I blow-dried the hair smooth, keeping it flat, which adds to the finish. If you’ve got a messy part, it doesn’t work. To make it extra shiny, I sprayed Oribe Shine Spray and then put the flat iron over the top and it makes the hair super glossy, almost like a sheet of glass or metallic. The light shined off it like the metal of the camper van in the background. Quite often, gray looks dull and it can make hair look dry, but with this look we wanted it to look expensive.”

Madison Beer Orange Hair by Chris Appleton Mane Addicts Sascha Samsonova

Bright, bold, and statement making, Madison’s Sunny D copper wig was surprisingly flattering on her tanned skin. “This look was about creating real, lived-in big sexy texture, like Brigitte Bardot on Prozac,” explains Chris. “I used Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray at the root then flipped her hair upside down and blasted it with the blow-dryer. The technique for curling is using two different sized irons to get the wave; so it’s not too curly and it’s got different directions going on.”

Shah explains that “the jacket was such a bright color, I thought it’d be really fun if we also did a really bright wig that was close to orange. The problem with orange is that sometimes it can look a little too crazy, but we did a mixture of yellow and orange so it’s not so bright, but very similar to the color of Madison’s jacket. How Chris styled it was phenomenal—I never thought an orange wig could look so attractive.” Citrus slay, all day.

Madison Beer Pink Wig by Chris Appleton Mane Addicts Sascha Samsonova

The cotton candy pink wig was the final look of the day, and the moody shot by Sascha Samsonova gave it an eery futuristic quality. 

“I wanted to create a candy gloss, textured hair, which was another new look for Madison. She was afraid of having big hair and she loved the idea of the pink. This was the one where we pushed her to do something stronger and she ended up loving it,” explains Chris. The hue was inspired by a Louis Vuitton campaign that Shah admired. “It’s more of a lavender pink, pastel bubble-gum-y… It has different variations of lavender and purples in it,” says Shah, who customized the hue to perfectly compliment Madison’s gorgeous olive skin.

Madison Beer Pink Wig by Chris Appleton Mane Addicts Sascha Samsonova

“The whole shoot was about a collaboration of our work,” explains Chris. “It was about showing how wigs can transform a look…Gone are the days where people are afraid of wigs. When they have the right cut, color and texture, wigs can look amazing. For this shoot, where the color was stronger, I tamed the styling down; and where the color was softer, I upped the styling. It was all about collaboration.”

For inspiration, “we look at the mood board,” says Shah. “If we have a client where we already know what the outfit or the set is going to look like, then we know what color to do and how we should style it. If it’s a red carpet, then we go with a more chic, classic color.”

Talent Madison Beer

 Photographed by Sasha Samsonova

Hair by Chris Appleton

Hair Color by Shah Karegar

Makeup by Edwin Loftjet

Styling by Allan Troy

Produced by Ashley Alanis

2 minutes

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