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Marianna Hewitt on Her New Locks, Jet Lag and Entrepreneurship

Don’t wish for it, work for it: for the last decade, Marianna Hewitt has been living out those seemingly cheesy words, and it’s paying off big time. A major in Broadcast Journalism and a traditional TV host job led the Germany-born, Ohio-bred jetsetter to become her own boss and create the job of her dreams—one very different from the traditional kind her mom wished for her in finance or engineering (fun fact: Marianna was always strong in math—talk about having brains and beauty). With covetable style and can’t-stop-won’t-stop determination, the Life With Me lifestyle blogger just added co-founder to her title after creating a cruelty-free, vegan skincare line and our newest obsession, Summer Fridays. When a small town girl makes major waves in the world, you take notes. Which is exactly what we did on the set of our shoot in Dubai, where our Editor in Chief Jen Atkin gave Marianna business executive-chic curls and cozy blogger-at-home waves. Keep reading as Marianna talks to us about how she styles her new mid-length cut, her skincare favorites, jet lag no-nos, entrepreneurial advice, and more.

We love your fresh cut from Anh Co Tran! On the ‘gram, you mentioned not knowing how to style it. Did you find your groove, and if so, could you break down your everyday hairstyling routine for us?

I had to text my friend Glen (@glencocoforhair) and ask him how to style it. He said that with this length hair, it’s better to keep the curl more towards the root than the ends.

I’ve been using a 1-inch T3 iron and curling in alternate directions at the root then combing it out with a Gisou Comb before it cools. Then I use a texturizing spray and a pomade to finish. My favorites are OUAI and Leonor Greyl.

In addition to the *amazing* Jet Lag Mask, what are your five current top skincare favorites and why?

SPF is a must for me all year round, I’m currently loving Supergoop. I use a retinol every night of my routine—my favorite is from Shani Darden, and she also has a more gentle formula called Texture Reform. Other must-haves are Nurse Jamie’s 24k UpLift Beauty Roller, Dr. Nigma Talib’s Serum N°1 and some formulas we are currently testing for Summer Fridays–but those are a secret!

Do you have plans to introduce more Summer Fridays products? If so, when can we expect them?

Yes! We have more products in the works, the next will launch this Fall. 

You’re quite the jetsetter so we must know: What hair products and tools do you never travel without?

A Gisou Comb, Briogeo Scalp Revival, Unite 7Seconds Condition Detangler and travel-sized shampoo and conditioner because I don’t love what hotels provide. 

What are your favorite travel beauty bags?

I love Calpak’s Packing Cubes, Rimowa Salsa Air Luggage, and I use my Glossier Pink Pouch for everything in between.

What’s the best jet lag advice you ever received?

Don’t drink alcohol on your flight. 

What tips/hacks do you swear by for keeping hair healthy while traveling constantly?

Pack your own shampoo and conditioner because most hotels don’t have quality products. Bring your own blowdryer so you have a nozzle to control the heat on your hair. And don’t wash too often!

What are your go-to brushes for:

  • Brushing/detangling damp hair- Gisou Comb
  • Giving yourself a blowout- Ibiza Round Brush 

What are your favorite shampoos/conditioners/masks for keeping your gorgeous color looking fresh in the summer?

Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner, OUAI Treatment Masque in the packets are so convenient for travel, and Briogeo Deep Conditioning Mask for intense hydration. 

Speaking of hair color, would you ever consider going blonde? Or any other color you’ve been itching to try?

I’ve been lighter but never fully blonde. Any of my friends who went too light too fast ruined their hair and they spent forever getting it back to the same health and length. I wish I could be ice blonde or light pink, but I feel like I would be lazy with the upkeep.

With summer coming, what are your go-to brands for hair accessories and hats?

I love these Donni scarves I wore in my hair all of Coachella – they are a chic and easy way to accessorize. 

You’re the master of flat lay porn! What are your favorite photo editing apps or tips for taking the perfect flat lay?

Use lots of accessories so it isn’t too boring and feels more personal. Lighting is everything so you can opt to have direct sunlight, soft light or play with shadows depending how you want it to look. And don’t overthink it or make it too perfect.

Last month, you started Founders Club. What inspired you to create the club, and what’s your ultimate goal for it? Any plans to hold business seminars?

I messaged some of my friends because I found that Lauren [Gores] and I didn’t have friends to talk to about the struggles we were going through as founders of beauty brands. Other companies and fashion are so different, but the business side of beauty brands are so specific, from formulations, labs, clinical testing, packaging and so much more. It’s been amazing to have a group of friends who all have the same highs and lows as us that we can chat with about ideas, get advice and support each other. 

Who are some entrepreneurs/CEOs that inspired you along the way?

Jen Atkin, Kim Kardashian, Jamie Kern Lima, Oprah and Jessica Alba.

Are there any books or podcasts you suggest listening to for entrepreneurial inspiration?

I love Hillary Kerr’s Second Life podcast.

You’re a first-time CEO and we couldn’t be more excited for you!! Can you tell us 3 things you’ve learned along the way and/or the do’s and dont’s of starting your own company?

  1. Trust your gut and don’t ask too many people for advice. Everyone’s experience is different and what worked for them may not apply to you. 
  2. Don’t rush the process. Things take time and especially when starting a brand, everything takes longer than it’s supposed to so don’t get stressed out when your timeline changes.
  3. Be nimble. Don’t get too married to an idea unless it’s something you really are certain about, because sometimes things just don’t work out as you planned so you have to be flexible when you can yet still stay true to certain ideas if you think it’s important.

Life With Me and Summer Fridays are thriving! So are your strands, skin, and sense of fashion. What can we expect next from Marianna Hewitt?

Stay tuned for our next product launch with Summer Fridays!

Photographer: Mike Rosenthal | Hair: Jen Atkin | Makeup: Marianna Hewitt | Styling: Keanoush Da Rosa




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