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One to Watch Richa Moorjani Doesn’t Own a Flatiron and Only Uses Vegan Haircare

Ashley Locke

Sep 21, 2021

She’s beauty, she’s grace, she plays the coolest Indian cousin who immigrated to the United States… on Netflix’s Never Have I Ever. She’s Richa Moorjani. The Indian-American actress has made waves with her role as the incredibly smart PhD student in the Mindy Kaling-created series. We were hooked from the first episode and we’re happy to hear the show is coming back for a third season because we can’t get enough of it. And Richa is a big reason why.

With Richa’s star on the rise, it was a no-brainer to make her our newest One to Watch. She’s intelligent, witty, and has some of the best hair on Netflix. We’re quite literally addicted to her mane. Her thick, wavy deep brown tresses are truly envy-worthy, so we wanted to learn more about her hairstyling tips, along with getting up close and personal with Richa.

At Mane Addicts HQ in Los Angeles, our very own Creator Collective hairstylist Britt Sully created three sultry summer looks on Richa. Britt was even kind enough to share her breakdown of each look so you can recreate them yourself. During the shoot, we spoke with Richa about her biggest hair regrets, how she cares for her strands as a vegan, and why she doesn’t own a flat iron. Read more below!


The Great Wave

The end of summer forecast is in, and it looks like we’ve got mermaid waves for the foreseeable future. At least, according to this beauty. “Beach waves are my go-to everyday look,” Richa tells us while rocking a burnt orange number from Nasty Gal and getting styled on set. “The length is definitely for an editorial look.” Mane Addicts Creator Collective’s Britt Sully was on hand for styling, and dreamed up these easy waves that you can re-create in four easy steps.

Step 1: Add extensions (optional!)

Step 2: Heat protectant all over

Step 3: Use a flatiron to create undulations layer by layer (See Britt’s full tutorial here)

Step 4: Add shine serum or hair oil to mid shafts and ends

Mane Addicts: How has your culture impacted how you care for your hair?

Richa Moorjani: I don’t know that it has – aside from the use of coconut oil which I use as a hair mask frequently. This is a hair ritual that’s been a staple in Indian culture forever.

MA: Who are some Bollywood stars that are the ultimate hair goals?

RM: Honestly, none! I think my hair is just as nice as any of theirs!

MA: Has Bollywood impacted your hairstyling choices?

RM: A lot of Bollywood actresses used to dye their hair light brown, and when I was in high school, I attempted to do the same, and I had orange hair for two years. Big mistake.

MA: How do you give extra care to your hair as a vegan?

RM: I make sure to only use vegan products, like Vegamour. They also have these vegan hair gummies with biotin that are SO yummy.

MA: What are some of your favorite vegan hair care products or brands?

RM: R+Co, Vegamour, Fable & Mane, Living Proof (their vegan products), Drybar Heat Protection spray, and plain old coconut oil for the best hair mask

MA: What AAPI-owned or founded hair brands you love?

RM: Fable & Mane is owned by two South Asians that are brother and sister, and I’m obsessed with their products! Their ingredients are all inspired by Indian traditions/ingredients, and they smell amazing. And of course, vegan and cruelty free!

Wet, Hot Summer

This fresh and sultry style is basically made for all your summer travels. “I’d wear this after a day of swimming on vacation, after a quick shower and out for a nice dinner,” Richa tells us of this avante-garde made easy look. Britt notes that swapping a swim sesh for hair oil to fake a wet look makes for longer lasting (and more nourishing!) styling. All together, the look is a cinch to mimic–just part hair down the middle, slick hair into desired shape and leave out face-framers to keep it cool.

MA: How is your ‘Never Have I Ever’ character’s style similar to yours?

RM: Beach waves is my go-to style for everything, which is mostly how Kamala does her hair!

MA: We learned you currently don’t own a flat iron and we’re curious about the reasoning behind that?

RM: I never go for straight hair styles; I always like a little wave or curl. But now that I’ve learned you can do pretty beach waves using a flat iron, I want to buy one!

MA: If not a flat iron, what is your favorite heat styling tool?

RM: A curling wand!

MA: Which hairstyles make you feel the most like yourself?

RM: Natural beach waves, messy bun, half up-half down with top knot

MA: We know a third season of Never Have I Ever is happening, but what else is coming up for you?

RM: I’ve recently shot a few fun roles on different shows and a movie, but I’m not allowed to say their names yet! I’m also working on getting into producing which I’m really excited about.

Accessorized to Snatch

A traditional Indian braid with a modern twist? Count us in. Richa tells us she’d rock this style, “for an Indian wedding, a Bollywood dance performance or a red carpet appearance!” This is another low-key easy look to create at home. All you need is to secure your hair in a high pony, adding a pony extension if needed for length, braiding hair to the tip, and garnishing with cute bobbies and clips.

MA: What’s your favorite thing about your hair?

RM: My favorite thing about my hair is probably how much hair I have!

MA: What’s one thing you would never do to your hair?

RM: Honestly, nothing. It’s fun to experiment and try new things, but I guess I wouldn’t want to do anything that would permanently change its texture, like a perm.

MA: Do you have any major hair regrets?

RM: Side bangs. I had them for years in my 20’s and looking back, it didn’t suit me at all! I now have a middle part and will never go back to a side part.

Hair: Brittany Sullivan | @brittsully

Make Up: Carly Fisher | @carlyy.fisher

Wardrobe Stylist: Lisa Cameron | @styledbylmc

Photography: Jesse Fiorino | @jessefff

- powered by chloédigital