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ONE TO WATCH: Shanina Shaik

shanina shaik

Although you may not have never heard of her (yet), Shanina Shaik is no stranger to the camera. A commercial actress at only 8 years old and a quick stint on Make Me A Supermodel, the Melbourne born model of mixed heritage (Lithuanian, Pakistani and Saudi Arabian)’s exotic beauty (dark hair + light eyes FTW) has since walked for Victoria Secret, Jason Wu, Chanel, Betsey Johnson, and more.

shanina shaik

We think the bold-browed 24 year old stunner’s career might just be warming up. All it takes is a quick glimpse at her Instagram and peek at her portfolio to see that whatever she’s doing is working wonders for her; not to mention, her darker than dark thick brown hair could be be the envy of every brunette out there.

And what’s more – she seems to be extremely down to earth, smart and proud to be Australian. In a recent interview, she said she likes to keep up with family, friends and fashion via social media and regularly participates in conversations about race in fashion and media. “The fashion industry has always spoken about the need for more diverse models and I’m happy to be part of that conversation in Australia. Things are slowly starting to change, but they need to change a lot more. I’m of Pakistani and Saudi Arabian heritage, which you don’t hear or see about in mainstream media back home, so to be featured on the cover of local fashion magazines like CLEO is huge. Myself and others are changing the perception of what it means to be Australian and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Can you say — girl crush?

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