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Dr. Dre’s Daughter Truly Young Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

If you don’t already know the name Truly Young, then write it down and memorize it because this girl is fire . At just 16-years-old, Truly has poise, intellect and wisdom well beyond her years; she’s deeply cultured, creates her own art, and has bomb ass pink hair to boot. Truly is also hip hop royalty–she’s the daughter of the inimitable music producer Dr. Dre and Nicole Young and clearly inherited their creative spirit.

She arrived to our Mane Addicts One to Watch shoot sans makeup in sweats paired with Gucci loafers with two of her own paintings and her mentor Jill by her side. The Cure and ’80s rock-n-roll played in the background as Prince Angel worked his hair magic, dolling up Truly’s tresses with texture and curls for an array of Almost Famous-worthy ‘dos. Fitting since the ’70s era flick is one of Truly’s favorites. Below, Truly opens up about dying her hair pink, where she gets her creative inspiration, and growing up with some of the most famous parents in the music business.

One to Watch Truly Young Pink Hair

When did you dye your hair pink?

I decided to dye my hair pink like six months ago–my parents finally let me do it. Pink has been my favorite color since I was like five and my whole room is pink so I knew if I was going to do a color, it would have to be pink.

How did you find your colorist Cassondra Kaeding?

My mom had gotten her hair done by her.

One to Watch Truly Young Pink Hair

One to Watch Truly Young Pink Hair

Have you always done crazy things with your hair?

My parents never really let me do anything to my natural hair, but for the longest time when I was little I had wigs with different colors and cuts so I could explore that without having to do anything to my everyday hair.

Do you feel like a different person with pink hair?

I do! I feel liberated almost because it’s so me and way more my personality. I look at pictures of myself with brown hair and sometimes I *think* I miss it, but no–I’m keeping the pink for awhile.

What is your least fave hair you’ve ever had?

Probably the first time I cut my hair myself. Yeah, I cut my own hair like last year and I will say I’ve gotten a lot better at it. I do usually cut my own hair now. I cut it myself because sometimes I get bored and I’m like, “oh my hair looks a little bit long” or I’m sick of it being at an awkward length and then I just do it myself.

One to Watch Truly Young Pink Hair

One to Watch Truly Young Pink Hair

Did you Google videos on how to cut your hair?

The first time I did yeah. I did Google a video and ended up putting it into four ponytails and chopped it off that way. It was shoulder length and then I cut it a little bit below my chin and it was a disaster it was really bad haha.

What are your go-to hair products?

I usually just use Aussie Three Minute Miracle Conditioner–I get it from CVS–and then I just put it on and leave it in my hair. I use it every time I shower! I also sleep with Olaplex in my hair often (every three days or so) because I bleach my hair and it’s damaged. It’s saving my hair!

Which celeb is your #hairgoals?

100% Gwen Stefani! Everything she does is amazing and her hair in the ’90s is the best thing ever. My favorite is when she had pink hair–it’s what pushed me over-the-edge to get pink hair. It’s amazing!

How would you describe your personal style?

Probably ’90s grunge Courtney Love with a splash of ’70s. I get inspiration from a lot of late ’80s early ’90s movies. I love John Hughes movies, those are my favorite like Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. 

Is there a place where you like to create your art?

My room is definitely where I do most of my paintings and most of my writing. My favorite artists are Mark Ryden, Roy Lichtenstein and Basquiat.

One to Watch Truly Young Pink Hair

Have your parents inspired your art and your style?

Absolutely! Definitely. Just the fact that since I was little I’ve always been creative and they’ve been so supportive of that and they’ve always just been excited for me when I come up with new ideas and so that’s definitely inspiring?

What have you learned from having parents in the spotlight?

I’ve definitely learned to stay very grounded and always have a very strong sense of self and be humble.

What can we see next from you?

My dad has a show out, The Defiant Ones, and just a lot of acting and modeling.

Hair: Prince Angel; Makeup: Dillon Pena; Photographer: Kristen Jan Wong; Wardrobe: Katie Cue; Content Producer: Ashley Alanis.


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