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5 Colorists Who Are Worth Visiting in Orange County, CA

While there’s no doubt that Los Angeles and New York boast the best talent when it comes to hair, we’ve been trying to convince you that gurus in the space exist everywhereyou just have to do a little digging.

We recently did a deep-dive through colorists just south of the City of Angels, and to say we were impressed is an understatement. Need a little convincing? Keep reading for five colorists who are worth a visiting in Orange County, CA.

1. Maggie Bates

This Newport Beach-based colorist is a blonde and balayage specialist at TreSs Apothecary+Salon. The color expert nails the art of making even the most basic shades pop. Whether you’re already blonde or itching to go lighter, Maggie knows how to kick every shade up a few notches (without a drastic transition).

2. Alyssa Stopani

As co-owner of boho chic Remedy Salon in Anaheim, it only makes sense Alyssa has mastered her craft. When it comes to color, this superstar really does it all: ombré, balayage, light hues, bright hues, dark, and everything in between. It’s safe to say that whatever your color, Alyssa’s got you covered.

3. Brooke Gutierrez

Brooke is a self-proclaimed balayage and extension specialist at DG Salon in Huntington Beach. According to her Instagram feed, she lives up to her hype. Her use of rich tones and ability to blend colors seamlessly with just the right amount of pop makes her an obvious reason to head down south to visit this Orange County colorist.

4. Melanie Hess

This Laguna Beach-based colorist isn’t committed to one salon in particular. The freelance hair aficionado is a balayage goddess, if we must say so ourselves. Specializing in blonde and light brown hues, Melanie (who is reachable via Instagram), is sure to let no head of hair go unperfected.

5. Thu Nguyen

Based in Garden Grove, this ombré and balayage expert specializes in all hair hues. From bold blues and rosés to solid browns and blondes, Thu expertly colors all, with just the right vibrancy to give the looks an added pop.

After your book your appointment with one of these Orange County colorists, be sure to follow THESE pre-coloring steps to help the process go smoothly!

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