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How to Organize Your Hair Products, According to The Home Edit

Depending on how much stuff you have, organizing all your hair products can be a major struggle. You combine the quantity factor with the size and bulkiness, and you’ve got yourself a challenge.

But like with everything else relating to organization, we’ve turned to The Home Edit to guide us to success. Keep reading for the three items you need to get your hair products aligned just the way you want them!

The Home Edit Bathroom Drawer: $5.24 – $7.29

Perfect for your hair oils and serums, brushes, bobby pins and more, this sleek set of storage fits perfectly into bathroom drawers, saving you from sink top clutter.

(via The Container Store)

The Home Edit Countertop Storage: $7.99 – $23.99

Obviously the example used in this photo shows makeup products being stored, but these acrylic modular drawers come clear and can fit products of any kind, obviously including hair!

(via The Container Store)

White Nordic Storage Baskets With Handles: $5.99 – $7.49

Stylish and versatile, these baskets come with bamboo lids and are Dry Erase marker-friendly. Perfect for fitting into a spare corner in your bathroom, these bad boys should be able to hold a few shampoos and conditioners and other bulkier items.

(via The Container Store)

Need some help figuring out what to stock in those containers? Click HERE for our fave product launches this spring.

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