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Oribe Is Now 100% Sulfate-Free

Though the gap between “luxury” and “clean” has been relatively bridged thanks to a general push for clean beauty and sites like goop, among others, most people picture two very different things when thinking of “luxurious” vs. “natural.” Well, get ready to combine those opposites into a happy hybrid now that Oribe, one of our fave lux brands – seriously, shampooing with this stuff makes you feel rich – has dipped into typically “natural brand” territory and as of today is totally sulfate-free. 

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Shine on. ✨

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SLS and SLES free

All of the line’s shampoos are now completely free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) after their Signature Shampoo: $46, Shampoo for Beautiful Color: $46, and Shampoo for Brilliance and Shine: $49, have undergone a reformulation and re-launch.  

The beloved luxe brand first brought their products to market 11 years ago, when concerns about chemicals in beauty were minimal to say the least – no one was conscious of the link and manufacturers pumped products with who knows what. Although Oribe has put out many new products over the last decade, all of which have been formulated without the harmful substances, these 3 carried through from the previous formulas. Albeit, Oribe always used sulfates derived from oat, corn and coconut.

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For the big gifters. ✨ #oribeobsessed

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What are sulfates?

Sulfate-based ingredients do more harm than good to hair, and although they have a cleansing ability (surfactants), they go into overdrive, stripping natural oils, washing out color and causing irritation on the scalp while creating mega suds – if you love your shampoo because it gives you serious lather, that’s because of SLS and you should think twice. With the reformulation of these 3 Oribe shampoos, the brand is made from more natural ingredients, without having to compromise on quality or luxury. Unfortunately, the list of harmful haircare ingredients doesn’t stop at sulfates.

Unfortunately, the list of harmful haircare ingredients doesn’t stop at sulfates. HERE’s what you want to avoid.

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