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Oribe Just Wrapped a Five-City Hair Education Tour—and We’re Feeling Mega-Inspired

Oribe Ateliers Journey to Mastery James PecisIt’s easy for haircare companies to woo via vanity-worthy packaging, but what really makes a brand sparkle is its proven devotion to furthering stylists’ education. That’s why Oribe just made our hair-loving hearts swoon. The poshly-packaged cult classic just wrapped a five-city education tour led by the brand’s global ambassador, James Pecis, and co-hosted by Oribe Educator, Coby Alcantar. ‘The Journey to Mastery’ made its way to Portland, Chicago, Las Vegas, Nashville and Los Angeles, where James’ Fashion Week tour inspiration translated into one-day live demo workshops.

The Journey to Mastery Oribe

The last leg of the tour, at Milk Studios in Los Angeles, saw 360 salon owners and stylists who were eager to hone their craft. Big screens mimicked Oribe educators’ every move as they walked through four inspirational styles, three wearable styles, two haircuts, and a color segment by Goldwell. The squad of six included masters James Pecis, Coby Alcantar, Louis Orozco, Kien Hoang, Christian Ceja-Compin, and Ronnie Stam.

Kien Hoang Oribe Ateliers Oribe Ateliers Journey to Mastery

Oribe Ateliers Journey to Mastery backstage hair

Students watched and learned as the masters taught how to apply extensionshow to cut coily hair, and add fresh twists to old classics like the old Hollywood ‘do. Once demos concluded, attendees tested their newly learned skills in a hands-on portion. Ready-to-be-primped models and rows of work stations, including tool kits (full of a 1-inch curling iron, flat iron, flat boar bristle brush, and cape) lent to the bustling backstage-vibe of a live fashion show. 

Oribe Ateliers Journey to Mastery

Oribe Ateliers Journey to Mastery

Missed the tour this year? Don’t fret, Oribe already announced its 2017 Atelier dates:

  • April 24 in Seattle
  • June 5 in Atlanta
  • October 16 in Nashville
  • December 4 in San Francisco 

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