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Visit Original & Mineral Salon For Good Vibes and Natural Products

When cult Australian hair-care brand, Original & Mineral decided to open their first salon in the US–O&M New York City–they knew they wanted to create a space that reflected their approach to haircare: stress free, thoughtful and natural, but still luxurious. The space they chose? An appropriately bright, third floor industrial loft in NYC’s meatpacking district.


Walking through the heavy wooden doors at Original & Mineral NYC feels like meeting a friend at your favorite off-the-beaten-path NYC cafe. Opposite a long, inviting window banquette with big vintage-modern throw pillows, O&M’s styling station is a massive custom wooden table with shared seating where stylists and clients gather to work, chat and drink coffee. Doesn’t hurt that the area is surrounded by adorably Instagram-able decor either. An abundance of greenery and unique vintage touches warm the space, giving it tons of personality and a distinct Aussie-in-the-city vibe.


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Perhaps the most unique feature about the salon however, is that it acts as a showroom for it’s namesake product line; Original and Mineral. Known for its paraben-free, sulfate-free and chemical-free products, Global Creative Director for the brand, Janelle Chaplin (who’s based in NYC), uses the space’s wooden shelving and exposed brick back drop to show off the brand’s beautifully packaged goodies in such a way that it makes you feel like you’re shopping for trendy house items–not shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. 


The brands motto goes something like this: healthy hair begins when it’s free from stress; reduce the chemical overload; clean ingredients. If you’re not sure where to start, pick up a box of their Mini Minerals which features travel sized tastes of their hero shampoos, conditioner and masques. Also, Janelle said she designed the pack to look like a box of macaroons–amazing. 

Original & Mineral salon in nyc and products

You also can’t go wrong with O&M’s kick-ass Rootalicious Root Lift Spray and Surf Bomb Sea Salt Texture SprayThe edgy open-plan salon, which is growing steadily through word of mouth, offer cuts, blowouts and coloring using the brand’s full professional color range – Mineral CCT™, permanent color without Ammonia, PPD or Resorcinol. Go visit them, even if it’s just for tea. You won’t regret it. 

Follow O&M NYC for more & let us know in the comments which salon we should visit next!

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