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Misha Nonoo NYFW SS16 Orlando Pita Cutting-edge designer Misha Nonoo is known for bringing a flair for the unconventional to her runway shows. This year she’s bringing the runway right to your door, her collection can be found at the tip of your fingers on Instagram!

Misha’s motivation in creating a show for the dialed-in, tech savvy crowd stems from her desire to create a legacy for her designs that last longer than a typical fashion show would. The images, stacked horizontally for your viewing pleasure, allow for a detailed and intimate look at the clothes that you’d rarely see on the runway even if you were in the front row. Misha Nonoo NYFW SS16 Orlando Pita If we can say anything about NYFW SS16 trends we’ve seen so far, it’s that effortless, undone hair is back! TRESemmé NYFW Ambassador Orlando Pita explains how he infuses this natural look with a dose of high fashion. Misha Nonoo NYFW SS16 Orlando Pita “I like to try and do something to sneak in a little edge so these subtle straight pieces, or the blunt fringe, give your look some individuality and personality which is perfect for the Misha Nonoo girl” says Pita. Misha Nonoo NYFW SS16 Orlando Pita GET THE LOOK:

  1. Rough dry hair until it is almost dry, spray TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray from mid lengths to ends and then using a diffuser, scrunch dry hair upwards to create effortless waves.
  2. Pull out small sections of hair and use a 35mm curling wand to create a few more defined, loose curls with an S bend shape around the sides and back of your hair.
  3. Apply a small amount of TRESemmé Max The Volume Root Lifting Cream to the very front sections and run over with a straightening iron to frame your face.
  4. Finish the look by spraying TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hold Hairspray for light hold.


2 minutes

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