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Ouai x Byredo, Skin-Care Brands Launching Hair Products, and More Things You Need to Know This Week

August is ushering in an onset of headlines!

While COVID-19 is showing no sign of slowing down, beauty launches are collabs are starting to ramp up. We’ve been extra excited to see what Ouai had cooking up with Byredo– and if you haven’t heard the news just yet, it’s a limited edition Super Dry Shampoo. Plus, the struggle of working out with black hair is real, read the full story below.

Have You Noticed More Skin-Care Brands Are Launching Hair Products?

From Aveeno to Drunk Elephant, these formerly skin-care-only brands have created new products that are just for your hair. But the big question is: Do we as consumers trust skin-care brands in another area of expertise? Read more on POPSUGAR. 

Sunday Riley

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I Wish You Could Smell This Ouai x Byredo Dry Shampoo Through the Screen — It’s That Good

I tested this limited-edition Ouai x Byredo Super Dry Shampoo ($24), which was just released today, and I’m obsessed. The scent, Mojave Ghost, is one of Byredo’s most iconic fragrances — it includes notes of magnolia, sandalwood, and crisp amber. Combining that smell with Ouai’s bestselling dry shampoo makes for a powerhouse product. Read the full review on POPSUGAR Beauty. 


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The Struggle of Working Out With Black Girl Hair Is Very Real

For the average woman, sticking to a regular exercise routine is not exactly a walk in the park. But on top of common barriers that all women face (lack of time, menstrual cramps, lack of motivation), black girls also have black girl hair. Read the original story on Femestella. 

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If you haven’t heard – Lana Del Rey is going blonde! But according to her colorists, they’re not done yet…

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