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Love at First Foam: Why I Can’t Get Enough of This Dry Shampoo

OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam

I love showers. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop taking showers for granted. Long or short, hot or lukewarm, with or without music, showers make me feel as though I’m slipping into a just-pressed silk chiffon number—cozy enough to sink into bed, but also refreshed and fierce enough to strike a pose on the red carpet. 

The part about showers that doesn’t tickle my fancy is washing my hair. Lucky for moi, I’ve managed to reduce my washes to twice weekly—oh, the perks of being a diehard dry shampoo-er. Within my week, I work out at least thrice (if enough photos of Adriana Lima inundate my feed, then sometimes four or five), and while I despise sweating, I can’t tell my body to stop sweating (ugh, sorry, hair).

On days when I have important things to attend to—uh, like, work and live my life—which is every day, wash days screw my schedule over big time: 25 extra minutes in the shower and 30 additional minutes of post-shower maintenance/styling? No thank you, don’t come again. One day, while I was getting it right and tight on the stair master, I remembered it was Wash Day. I cursed myself for dirtying my already three day-unwashed hair, because if I hadn’t stepped foot in this dreary sweat dungeon to begin with, my hair wouldn’t be as greasy as it was about to be post-workout, and I wouldn’t have had to wash my hair when I got home, which means I would’ve had more time to sleep in longer or finish that project sooner. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do–if not for the tighter tush and smoother skin then for the splurge of serotonin.

OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam

Drops from the sky OUAI’s Dry Shampoo Foam. The back of the can reads: It works without water to thoroughly cleanse and refresh hair while adding instant just-showered shine. You had me at just-showered shine, I told the can. If you tell me you’ve never spoken to a beauty product, I won’t believe you. So I followed the directions and massaged a ping-pong size amount into my scalp until the white stuff disappeared. It was love at first foam. My oily roots were miraculously no longer crepe-flat, and my hair actually felt clean. What’s more, the foam didn’t leave my hands sticky and my hair smelled like diamonds in the sky. WTF does that even smell like, you ask? Heaven. Heaven

OUAI calls it the dry cleaners for your hair, but this can of seemingly supernatural whipped cream-ish substance acts more like luxury, on-call dry cleaners who are at your mane’s beck and call 24/7. They’ll fetch your flat, sad-looking, four day-unwashed hair and return it free of dirt, free of wrinkles, and full of fluff. Now it’s with pleasure I can say I only have to wash my hair once a week. If you’re the I-love-to-shower-but-hate-to-wash-my-hair type then you know how major this is. Don’t get me wrong—no foam shmoam could ever cater to my needs the way my darling shower does, but it makes my hair feel pretty loved.

To the naysayers asking, “Why not just wash your hair?”: If I can get through life washing my hair once a week, fool people into thinking it’s actually squeaky-clean, and save time while doing so, why on Mars wouldn’t I?!

Press play on the tutorial below to watch me fall head over heels for this stuff.


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