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Our 10 Favorite Looks From the Early 2000s

Trends operate on a 20-year timeline. Whatever was cool two decades ago is somehow revived into the culture again. Maybe it’s because there’s no replacing the nostalgia surrounding the fashion and pop culture from when you were growing up, but the cyclical nature of trends is just a fact. Look around and take notes, because whatever’s trending now will come back around in another two decades. Being that we’re in the 2020s, we’re turning a fond eye to the hair trends of the 2000s and early aughts, when hair was playful and everything felt like it was straight out of a teen movie. Here are our most beloved hair trends from 20 years ago, frosted tips and all.

Frosted Tips

Bleach blonde tips really exaggerated that whole spikey hair thing that every guy was doing in the late ’90s and early aughts. Who remembers the style on Mark McGrath, Justin Timberlake, and Lance Bass?


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Trucker/Von Dutch Hats

Think of trucker hats as the crown that completed the look of every human in the ’00s.


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Butterfly Clips

What comes around goes around, and butterfly clips are currently making their second revolution around the trending sun.


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Chunky Highlights

Balayage and ombré were the answer to over-the-top, visible and thick, chunky highlights, best exemplified by Kelly Clarkson. What was once out is now back in, however, and invisible, blended highlights are taking a backseat to chunky ones. This time perfectly executed by Dua Lipa.


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Choppy Layers

Like color, cuts were bold. Kind of like “The Rachel” but even more on overdrive.


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Flipped-Out Ends

Another trend making a major comeback, flipped-out ends were as good as revived when Kim Kardashian made the look one of her signature styles on KKWTK.

Face-Framing Bangs

In this era of the pop star, face-framing bangs brought the saccharine and the cool points.


A funky way to hide a bad hair day or embrace your inner tomboy, bandanas were one of our fave ’00s trends and are still a great way to coordinate your mane with your fit.

The Poof

Did your Saturday night plans involve going out and getting spotted by the paps? They wouldn’t even bother taking your photo if you weren’t sporting a volume at the crown, known as the poof, and seen on Hilary Duff, Lauren Conrad, and Lindsay Lohan.


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Mushroom Haircut

Was there anything dreamier than a boy with a mushroom cut? All our fave heartthrobs were part of the mushroom/bowl cut club, including Jonathon Taylor Thomas, Josh Hartnett, and Nick Carter.

Dua Lipa is an ’00s vision with her two-tone color. HERE’s how her colorist got the look.

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