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Our 11 Favorite Looks from the Early 2000s

Trends operate on a 20-year timeline – whatever was cool two decades ago is somehow revived into the culture ATM. Maybe it’s because there’s no replacing the nostalgia surrounding the fashion and pop culture from when you were growing up, but the cyclical nature of trends is just a fact – look around and take notes, because whatever’s trending now will come back around in another two decades. Being that this is 2020, we’re turning a fond eye to the hair trends of the 2000s and early aughts, when hair was playful and everything felt like it was straight out of a teen movie. Here are our most beloved hair trends from 20 years ago, frosted tips and all.

Dua Lipa is an 00s vision with her two-tone color. HERE’s how her colorist got the look.

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