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Our 6 Fave Celeb Looks of 2021 So Far

After the year we’ve had we’re hungry for celeb looks, to put it mildly. Whether off duty or in full award show regalia, we want to know what everyone is wearing, and (most importantly) how are they wearing their hair? Our favorite events, including the Oscars and the Met Gala, were paused in 2020 and it only made us thirstier. Because we’ve got a hunch you’re a bit parched too, we decided to dive into it and already recap 2021. Behold, here are our fave looks from this winter.

Lady Gaga’s Inauguration Hair

Lady Gaga’s inauguration day hair demonstrated a fresh take on braiding that we hope lasts all year. By intertwining a stark black ribbon through her platinum braid, she makes a red floral accent come alive and pop beautifully.


via Getty

JLo’s Caramel Pony

JLo’s signature caramel color is GLISTENING at her inauguration appearance. Not only is this ponytail everything, it’s heightened even more thanks to blended honey highlights.

via Getty

Cardi’s Slick Locks

Cardi B’s jet black hair is pure goals as demonstrated by this sleek straight pulled back look – perfect for a night out with Offset.

via Getty


Bella’s Romantic Vibes

Bella Hadid is channeling Bridgerton on the Fendi catwalk. Waves and a side part contribute to the romance of this overall on-trend vintage look.

via Getty

Hailey Bieber’s New Blonde

Hey Hailey! The lowkey model is giving us the cut of the year – choppy layers and a dark root  courtesy of Cassondra Kaeding make this the truly achievable standout of 2021.

via Getty

Kaia Gerber’s Athleisure Bun

Kaia Gerber’s bun is the best style complement for an athleisure look we’ve seen all year – honestly, where has this simple yet put-together style been all our lives? To copy, create a center part and pull back. Pro tip – dress it up with an eclectic elastic.

via Getty

Gigi’s Ballerina Bun

Gigi Hadid keeps it sophisticated postpartum with a sleek ballerina bun and a creatively wrapped scrunchie.

via Getty

Addison Rae Apres Ski Pony

Addison Rae achieves the perfect middle pony length to top off this enviable apres ski style.

via Getty

Jessica Alba’s Highlights

Jess keeps it casual with these highly natural-looking sunkissed highlights.

Kendall’s Middle Part

Kendall is the picture of off-duty perfection in a standout center part as she shifts her hair behind her ear.

 via Getty 

Bella Hadid’s Angles

Bella’s layered, angular cut adds body to her super straight strands.

via Getty

Gem Extensions

Gems that replace hair is probably our favorite ’21 trend so far, as seen on a Christian Siriano NYFW-goer.

Bella’s Claw

Six-pack abs aren’t key to making the “claw clip” cool again, but they certainly don’t hurt. Bella Hadid resurrects this 00s hair staple so flawlessly we’re google mapping the nearest Sally’s.

via Getty

Bella’s 50 Shades of Brown

It seems 2021 already has a trend queen… Bella Haddid’s gleaming and multifaceted brunette color is coffee meets auburn meets toffee mixed with intense shine.

via Getty

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