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3 Outdated Bridal Hairstyles—and What to Replace Them With Instead

In recent years, longtime traditions have gone out the door when it comes to walking down the aisle. From music to gown color, to greater acceptance of same sexes tying the knot, the influence of social media has diminished this one-size-fits-all outlook on getting married. And along with that comes the way brides wear their hair. The change of the times means farewell to some outdated bridal hairstyles that just aren’t it anymore.

If you or someone you know is planning a trip down the aisle soon, you’ll want to read these tips provided to Mane Addicts by Brittany Lo, founder of Beautini‘s high-end, on-the-go hair and beauty service. The expert, who also launched wellness brand Beia, lists three outdated bridal hairstyles, and which modern looks to replace them with instead!

outdated bridal hairstyles | Mane Addicts
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OUT: Big Updo

Up to the ceiling up-dos! They might add height but they also can age you.

IN: Tight Bun / Knot

We used to see big princess type updos for weddings, and now the bigger trend is tight buns or knots that are a bit more fashion forward. They are chic and more effortless in style.

OUT: Tight Curls

Princess curls be gone! Not only are they not natural-looking, they don’t compliment many dress styles.

IN: Effortless Waves

No more curls that look like sausage links! Rather than tight traditional curls, we’re seeing brides request waves where the ends are straighter and give off a more “I woke up like this” vibe. You can comb through the waves for a softer look or wave smaller strands of hair for a beachy look.

OUT: Lots of Volume

Not only is this super voluminous look dated, it’s also a total b*tch to get out after the parties over…

IN: Natural Volume

We always love hairstyles with volume, however the level that brides used to want versus now has changed. Where we used to find brides wanting to cover up their skin and go all out with their hair, we now see brides wanting to embrace their natural features. Women want to feel like themselves and keep their hair looking natural, versus creating a look where they feel like they’re a different person. They want to look like the best version of themselves, and most importantly feel comfortable, which we at Beautini are all about! 

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